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ThinkPad Tablet 10: Why can't I install Win8.1 x64 from the USB?



Just got my ThinkPad Tablet 10 that came factory loaded with Win8.1 (32-bit).  I want to re-image with Win8.1 (64-bit) image from USB install disk, but can't get it to "Boot" from this USB.  I figured out how to connect an Anker 4 USB Port adapter, and have the KB/Mouse and USB stick boot and install with Win8.1 32 Bit USB (Company Image), but I cannot get it to "Boot" from a 64 Bit USB stick.


I can boot and re-image from this very same USB stick to several other UEFI BIOS based Lenovo and Dell machines, so I know the USB stick is fine. The UEFI BIOS is very 'unique' so I think there must be something special I need to do in order to make this work correctly...



Check if you have the right model to do this. There are two ThinkPad 10 models:  32-bit and 64-bit.  

One quick way to find out what you have is to run System Information, which is an executable file to give Windows users a full list of their systems' hardware, software, resources and network settings.


To do so, run msinfo32 to open up System Information window to check the BIOS version.


Win 8

  1. For users running Windows 8/ 8.1 systems,  move your mouse to the lower left corner of your screen.
  2. Right click on the Start button and hit "Run".




Win 7 

  1. If you install Win 7 systems in your ThinkPad 10, click on Start and then hit the "Run".
  2. If you don't see this option, customize your Start Menu by right clicking on any area on the menu that appears after you hit the Start key. 
  3. Choose "Properties" after right click.


  4. Click on Start Menu tab and then Customize,  followed by checking the Run command option. Click on OK.


  5. You will then see the Run... option available on your Win 7 system.


  6. Now, click on that and type msinfo32 and click on OK to see what is in your system:


You can check the BIOS version from this window. Please note that this is just an example hence the BIOS version is not ThinkPad 10 BIOS.




Note that 

GWETxxWW is 64bit
GUETxxWW is 32bit


If you have the GUET62WW (1.62) model, which has 2GB RAM soldered into the Motherboard, it will not be able to run 64-bit OS.  It is also easy to see this by holding Power + Volume Up, and looking at the System Info screen.  It has all the firmware versions and features listed, plus what options are on and off.

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alex24pn On 2014-09-06, 17:11 PM

I have UEFI BIOS version GUET30WW (1.13) and 4GB RAM and can't install Windows 8.1 64-bit. Why the hell would I have 4GB of RAM and not be able to install Win 64-bit??? THIS SUCKS!

izav6110 On 2014-11-03, 14:43 PM

You can install it. You need to create an UEFI USB bootable flash drive. 

PatriceOLIVIER On 2014-11-10, 14:30 PM

Dear Lenovo People,


I have just created a Topic about Windows 10 Technical Preview installation on TP10.

I have an UEFI USB bootable key, used to install W10 on a TP X201, but it doesn't work on TP10 (BIOS release GWET 13WW). The used W10 Preview is 64Bits. The TP10 uses W8.1 PRO 64Bits.


Is-it the same issue as one raised in this POST ?


Amy_PI_Lenovo On 2014-12-13, 11:25 AM

I found a procedure provided by Microsoft that allowed me to load Win 8.1 Pro 64 bit from USB, and it's pretty easy:


Ewemb On 2017-01-19, 22:09 PM

I have a LENOVO X1 Yoga amongst others. I like to run duel boot systems, both W10 & W7. Issues arise with any install usually with what you are installing it from and the boot setup in BIOS, plus the format of the HDD, either MBR or GPT. You can also have an issue if your PC has only USB3.0 or the new Nvme drives. W7 is ignorant of both of these. I have had success in changing the BIOS Boot order when I have problems to UEFI only or Legacy only. W10 will only install to a GPT formatted drive if the medium is booted from UEFI as an example.

W7 is ignorant of USB3.0 drives so you may have problems if thats all you have got. Solution is to switch to a USB2.0, I have heard of some success using a USB2.0 flash drive or DVD in a USB3.0 as well but have not tested.

I have created a W7 SP2 install that gets round the USB3.0 problem, it has embedded USB3.0 drivers. It also has the fix for the dreaded W7 update not working problem  + drivers for Samsung Nvme. Not sure how to make it available, and you will need a W7 COA.

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