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Lenovo Staff
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I have a ThinkPad Tablet 2 (TPT2) - second hand. Hence, there is no box or whatever documentation.


NFC shows in the BIOS as enabled, but how do I find out whether or not the tablet actually has the radio?


Also, where do I find the model number?


If you have NFC, it will show up in the wireless settings in PC settings, along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GNSS.


To locate the model/type number, lift the plastic dust cover on the top of the TPT2 that protects the SIM and mSD cards. There should be a small sticker inside that has the model number, e.g. 3679-28U.


You can look up the specs for your model using Personal Systems Reference (PSREF)  for ThinkPad Notebooks. You may want to know if the model you have actually comes with NFC.


We are unsure of why it shows up in BIOS. It may be due to the BIOS support is there even if the hardware is not.

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