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I've been having issues using Skype on my tablet (3679-27U).  It works fine for minutes at a time, then will get very slow and choppy for 2-3 minutes.  The stuttering shows up the remote image and audio as well as on my local camera image.  I had the task manager up during the last call and when things were smooth skype was using 25-35%, when it started stuttering it was only using 15-20%.  


I looked in the event log and the stuttering coincides with Kernel-Processor-Power warning events saying all four processor cores speeds are being limited by firmware.  This is always preceded by a UserModePowerService event from DptfParticipantProcessorService.  


I can't find any power settings for anything but the display and sleep.  Has anyone else had problems like this?  Is this likely Intels power managment, the bios, or lenovo power settings?  


A communtiy user did little looking in the registry and saw that the other normal Windows 8 power settings are there but somehow hidden from the power settings dialog.  


A 3rd party utility was suggested which allows you to select the other power settings.  

Here's the utility:


The forum user confirmed that using High Performance enables the use of Skype without any of the random stuttering and no processor speed reduction events showing up.  


A downside about this utility is that it uses more battery when doing this.


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