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Upon placing the ThinkPad Tablet 2 (TPT2) in sleep and leaving it for a certain period of time, TPT2 may not wake up or the touch and pen functions may be disabled. Hard shutdown by pressing on the power button for more than 5 secs , the TPT2 will shutdown and power up be functional again.  While this is a "work around", is there a software fix for these symptoms?



UPDATE - These broadcom network drivers were released as official on the Lenovo support site here on 6/13/13 ->  

NOTE - If you download the production version rather than the prior beta as covered in steps 1 & 2 below, it should auto install and the original manual install steps in this article below may no longer be necessary.  If the auto installation does not work, you can still employ the manual updates as covered below.


This driver may need to be installed manually.  These networking drivers may provide multiple improvements, and may address some factors that can lead to the TPT not resuming properly from sleep.  These updates are not a proven solution for these symptoms in all cases.


  1. Download the BETA driver from the link below and please ensure to place it in a visible place (eg: Desktop..)

  2. First unpack/unzip the downloaded zip file to a new directory (Eg: Desktop area) somewhere on your computer. Remember this location as we will need it in step 8.

  3. Go to “Device manager” and locate the “Broadcom 802.11abgn Wireless  SDIO adapter” (See illustration below)


  4. Right click “Broadcom 802.11abgn Wireless  SDIO adapter”  and select “Properties”  and click on the “Driver” tab. Confirm the version number installed. (see Illustration below)  If version prior to then update the driver as following.


  5. Once confirmed close the window and right click on “Broadcom 802.11abgn Wireless  SDIO adapter”  and select “Properties” again  and select “Uninstall”.  A box will pop up (see illustration below) and ensure check the box “Delete the driver software for this device” and click “OK”


  6. Once it has completed to uninstallation, you can either reboot or click on (Found on the top on the window) ”Action” -> “Scan for hardware changes”. This is to make “Generic  SDIO Device” re-appear in the list (See illustration below)


  7. Now right click “Generic  SDIO Device”  and select “Update Driver Software”.

  8. Select the option  “Browse”   Now enter the path to where you unpacked the new files in Step 2 (see illustration below)


  9. Select next, and allow the installation to complete.  Device manager should now show the Broadcom SDIO device again

  10. Right click and check properties and confirm it is now . It may be best to reboot now  (see Illustration below)




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You guys should update your post with the correct link.



NINE has updated the link accordingly. Thanks for pointing it out. Smiley Happy


This driver does not resolve the issue. My test tablet wouldn't wake up from sleep mode after installing the beta driver.



There may be multiple causes for this symptom.  The network drivers in this article may help in some cases, and updated video drivers pending release along with updated BIOS 1.51 or later is likely to help as well.




Is there any ETA on the release for BIOS/video drivers?


Mark_Lenovo, all drivers are up to date and the issue persists.


Edit: This includes the firmware.

snielsen, noxiousraven


Ok - helpful to know this didn't solve it for you.   Still working with Dev on the video drivers.


This brings other problems to my 3679-27U, even I've done all latest update (including BIOS) before intalling this driver ~ Everything was fine but reconnet automatically to hidden networks, then after installing this new broadcom driver, it creat at least 2 new problems, such as unstable WiFi connection and frizon restarting the system which takes more than about 5 minutes.