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Thinkpad tablet slate - system updates (OTAs) not installing

by Lenovo Staff on ‎03-26-2012 02:44 PM - edited on ‎03-26-2012 02:49 PM by (10,729 Views)




Problem:  I know there are System updates - OTA / over the air updates available; however, the tablet will not apply the update.


It seems no matter what happens, the system is always in this state and will NOT apply any OTA update packages.



After the selecting "Check for updates", no large dialog is displayed that says "Checking for new system updates".  Instead  a small "toast" message in the lower-center of the screen that simply says "Downloading...".  This message is displayed for about 3 seconds and then disappears.  Nothing else happens after this. 



Workaround: There are 2 known workarounds for this problem:


  Workaround #1

            1 - From the Home screen, go to "All Apps" and select the "Downloads" application.

            2 - Delete any downloads named "", "update.xml", or "Checking for new system updates complete".

            3 - Once the downloads are deleted, go back to Settings and "Check for updates" again.  It should work as normal. 


  Workaround #2

            1 - Boot the Tablet into "Recovery Mode"

                        - Make sure the tablet is completely powered off/shutdown.

                        - Now start to power the tablet back on:

                        - Hold the "Volume UP" key and the power button at the same time.

                        - When the Tablet vibrates, begin "tapping" the volume up button (press, release, press, release, etc)

                        - In about 1-2 seconds, you should see the message "Booting Recovery Console" on the Thinkpad.

You can stop pressing the button now.


            2 - Once in the recovery menu, the volume UP and DOWN keys move the "selection" and the power button is like pressing ENTER.

                        - Press the volume down button once to navigate to "wipe cache partition"

                        - Press the power button to select that.

                        - Once that is done, press the power button to reboot the device. 

            3 - Once the tablet reboots, you can go back to Settings and "Check for updates" again.  It should work as normal. 

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