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What's DOS?
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1838 tablet connect to verizon?

Brand new 1838 with built in Gobi 3000. Signed up for Verizon Tablet plan through Lenovo activate. Cannot get it to work and Lenovo has replaced the Gobi and still can't activate (Verizon says new meid number is a mobile broadband device where first Gobi before Lenovo replaced it was a tablet). Has anyone had success activating 1838 Gobi with Verizon? If so, does it show up in your Verizon account as tablet or mobile broadband device? Appreciate any help.
Paper Tape
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Re: 1838 tablet connect to verizon?

I might be able to help you and others out on the Verizon 3G activation issue.


I recently had a GOBI 3000 card installed in my Tablet and faced the same issues as you on activating 3G on the Verizon system.  After repeated calls to various Verizon techs and sales people I decided to take a different approach and took pictures of the Tablet that showed the Sierra Gobi 3000 card, MEID number and other important data that verizon needed for their Open Device program data base to update the Gobi 3000 card as being a proper card used inside of the Thinkpad Tablet.  The data Verizon had on the Gobi 3000 device is that it is used onlty in Laptops not tablets and that is why Thinkpad tablet owners are running into this brickwall when it comes to activate 3G on the Verizon network.


Lenovo failed badly at working with Verizon and AT&T to have the Thinkpad Tablet registered in the Open Development Device program that would have we Thinkpad tablet owners connecting happily with Verizon and other carriers of 3G.  As a former business owner/manufacturer or RF Power amplifiers for the telecommunications industry, I am amazed that the Technical sales staff and the V.P. of the tablet division did not take into consideration the need of business people wanting and needing to have 3G access without having to tether our 3G phones to our tablets. 


I will have the final confirmation early next week from Verizon that the Thinkpad tablet has indeed been recognised and added to its tablet database so that Thinkpad Tablet owners can sign up and use the 3G tablet plans offered by Verizon.


I will keep people posted of the official activation date for my tablet.  Model 1838.



Perhaps Lenovo can thank me for doing what they should have done for Thinkpad Tablet owners by sending me a free Tablet?  Perhaps not, but worth a shot as I pursued the proper course of action to provide 3G for the Table and did what they have not done for their product and customers.


P.S.   I have the Portfolio case with keyboard and this is a very nice addition to the Tablet.  Makes the tablet feel like a mini notebook when a real keyboard is needed for long reports.  One problem I have noted with the Portfolio keyboard though is that the @ sign key should be the shift 2 button but actually provides the wrong symbol  If I do the shift " command I get teh @ symbol.  Quirky and yet another flaw in the Q.C. process for Lenovo that should be looked into and corrected as these types of things begin to build an image of Lenovo quality as being sub-standard.  Business people are not looking for a vendor with a sub-standard image.  Take note Lenovo and crack down on your quality control problems.

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Re: 1838 tablet connect to verizon?

I was concerned about getting my TFT set up on the Verizon Wireless system after reading some posts...

However, I had no problems.

I called Verizon, went right to new activation, they game me a new phone number, I told them the UUID and within one hour, it was set up.

I was amazed.........

What's DOS?
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Re: 1838 tablet connect to verizon?

Did this end up working out for you?


I am selling one of my customers this tablet and they want verizon on it.



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