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Posts: 125
Registered: ‎11-11-2011
Location: Norway

3G SIM blocks GPS reception

[ Edited ]

As reported in a couple of other threads, I've discovered that when I insert my Telenor 3G SIM card, GPS loose all reception.


I had my TPT on service last week for a non functional GPS, it was returned to me monday with No Faults Found. I started up, downloaded Chartcross GPS TEst, and had up to 17 sattelites in view and 14 in use sitting at my desk. I had this within a few minutes.


Then I inserted my SIM card and entered pin to unlock, and within a few seconds, all sattelites where lost. Not a single sattelite in view.


I removed the SIM and tried, still no sattelites in view. I did a cold restart without the SIM, and I was up and running again with full coverage on the GPS.


I have also tested with a SIM from the other major operator, Netcom; same result.


Since I haven't heard from anyone else reporting the same problem, I must assume that this is specific to my TPT, and I will send it in again. There's a three strike policy on the same fault in the consumer law, and If they can't fix it this time around, I can demand my money back or a new TPT.



TPT 64GB 3G - 18382DG - 00132_WE
Laptop X200
Laptop X41
Posts: 125
Registered: ‎11-11-2011
Location: Norway
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Re: 3G SIM blocks GPS reception

I am not happy!! Smiley Mad


After ordering the UPS pickup for for service/repair for the third time, I feel that I am getting somewhat annoyed (understatement of the year!!!)


And still I have the broken USB to look forward to! I hope now that they will not be able to fix the GPS, and that will be the end of it.

TPT 64GB 3G - 18382DG - 00132_WE
Laptop X200
Laptop X41