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Re: 7Note Handwriting Keyboard Replacement

[ Edited ]

Planemaker, thanks I think I get it now.


Limbot, it's just like MyScript Stylus but has its own note taking app which allows you to make freehand notes and selectively convert them to proper text later. This function only works inside the note app as far as I know. Elsewhere it's similar to MSS (with an additional keyboard input method), but I find it a lot smoother.


A few things I think it needs to improve on:


1) Enable the cursor arrows for write input

2) Put the keyboards' spacebar back where it normally should be.

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Re: 7Note Handwriting Keyboard Replacement

I agree with both recommendations.
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Re: 7Note Handwriting Keyboard Replacement

Don't you mean "7notes" and not "7note"?

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Re: 7Note Handwriting Keyboard Replacement

thanks for The recommendation. I just installed-it. As a matter of fact, this post is being done using'it. My handwriting is not the greatest and this program seems to handle-it pretty well.
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Re: 7Note Handwriting Keyboard Replacement

When the handwriting is converted to keyboard text,, can the text message be sent to another phones sms/ text messaging ... The 7NOTES PREMIUM app for the iphone is suppose to be at a price of $4.99 ... So why does iTunes
Show it at $7.99.....