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ATTN: Lenovo staff Do you not care to respond?

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We're still waiting for some kind of plan from Lenovo. What issues are currently being addressed, which ones will be addressed next? I'm sick of being left in the dark while stuck with one of, it not the buggiest platforms I've owned. You marketed this as a business machine. I paid $550 dollars because of Lenovo's reputation, the stylus, and the alleged software included. I say alleged because those that are not trial versions are horrible, and those touted as features of the machine are trial versions. If I could dump the TPT for the,money I spent on it, without Lenovo showing any effort to keep us informed and address the TPT's problems, I would seriously consider it.

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Re: ATTN: Lenovo staff


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Re: ATTN: Lenovo staff

I agree the software support and lack of features many of us thought would work out of the box dont. This week i hope for the .76 or .75 row update. And 3rx party ap wuport has benn ok but not great. I would pay for a onenot like super app but non exists for the android pen market. Even xda forums and root access has not been given for a business class android device. Generally the updates have been coming out slow. I hope in 3-6 months we get v4 and better speed performance
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Re: ATTN: Lenovo staff

Forget about it. Don't assumes they will continuous IBM sprit on supporting TP product, they are running the consumer market style to support corp. Customer. No commitmet , no SLA.
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