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Punch Card
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[App] Paryrus Beta

Another note taking software, seems extremely smooth for a beta application. The palm rejection is this one is the best i've seen so far. Give it a go, it's free! (for now)

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Re: [App] Paryrus Beta

Looks pretty nice. Thanks a lot, will check it out...
Punch Card
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Re: [App] Paryrus Beta

Thanks for the tip. Looks very promising Smiley Happy

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Re: [App] Paryrus Beta

This app gave me the best writing experience I've had so far with the TPT. It lacks functions at the moment, but I have to say that I like it better than Quill.

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Re: [App] Paryrus Beta

It has a lot of the speed of quill...
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Punch Card
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Re: [App] Paryrus Beta

this app has a huge advantage to quill, antipaper and the others... i can export the whole book to PDF and send it to my dropbox in one click!!!

Thats AMAZING! and combined with good palmrejection! the only thinks i would like to have would be layers and picture insert!

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Re: [App] Paryrus Beta

It needs a lot for me to switch to it but it is headed the right direction.
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Re: [App] Paryrus Beta

I tried it today and it compares very favorably to Quill.  However, Volker gets all the credit for making the Thinkpad Tablet useful as a note taking tool.



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