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Token Ring
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Re: [App] Quill - handwritten notes

Sounds very interesting. Thanks for your efforts. Export as eps would be great because of the vector- format.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: [App] Quill - handwritten notes

If only I can get you and the author of Writepad Stylus working together, the end result would be truly awesome. A suggestion (which I also made to him over on XDA)-


For pressure sensitivity, it might be nice to allow user adjusted "curves" (similar to those in photoshop) in which the pressure-thickness relationship could be customized. Is it too computationally intensive to show the pressure-sensitivity in realtime?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: [App] Quill - handwritten notes

[ Edited ]

Volker1 wrote:

matthjes wrote:
- With disabled touch input, how can a user zoom? There should either be an on-screen button to enable / disable touch input quickly or some alternative to allow a user to zoom in and out (which is one feature of a vector-graphics approach).

Not sure what you mean - right now you have to switch between 2 different pens / move-zoom / erase using the icons in the action bar. The "Pen only" applies only to the pens, not to move-zoom and erase modes.

Sorry, my fault, I just pressed the icon for "move" while holding a pen and did not notice that you can also pinch-to-zoom. For me the icon just says "move the page"...but thats just a UI thing, the function is there.


Btw. tags are a good idea...I'm currently more used to notebooks / folders, but I'd give tagging a try.


PDF output is also great...this, PNG saving and "send to Evernote" is all that I would need Smiley Wink But using tags, how would you export the notes? Maybe I could create a kind of notebook "on the fly" by providing a list of tags...

Punch Card
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Re: [App] Quill - handwritten notes

Tags probably as good as notebooks, but there must be a way to have a linearly ordered collection of pages.  Multiple tags will be very useful, as would be a way to browse tags hierarchically, e.g.


  • university
  • university/students
  • university/funding
  • private


Punch Card
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Re: [App] Quill - handwritten notes

Impressive work. Finally usable pen only input. Kudos for that.
Punch Card
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Re: [App] Quill - handwritten notes

Yes, please add PDF export.  Also, if you can add PDF import, we would have a great PDF annotator.  Even though you gave us a link for free, i will purchase it to encourage continued development.  Thanks again.

Punch Card
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Re: [App] Quill - handwritten notes

Fantastic. I tried several ways to develop a kind of wrapper for existing apps to make everything pen only, but, for one reason or another this didnt seem possible from an external app. 


This is fantastic, what I needed. Is it possible to copy and paste notes to evernote? thanks,

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Re: [App] Quill - handwritten notes

Great app, and what is particularly great is that (unlike Write pad stylus) it seems to store the actual strokes, not bitmap renderings of them.


Would be awesome if it was possible to export the result to Windows Journal format, for possible recognition/formatting etc.


Another thing is that, for some reason, almost all the Android tablet note-taking apps I've seen so far (including this one), seem to copy the physical notebook metaphor with separate small pages. IMO it would be more convenient to use the endless scrollable page, like any text editor / Windows Journal / OneNote / Skitch etc.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: [App] Quill - handwritten notes

This is a great app, best pen writing experience yet on the tpt imo! Lighting fast Some suggestions: It would be awesome if when stylus mode was enabled, fingers could be used to navigate between page and zoom while stylus only used for writing Perhaps a fit page to screen button or zoom slider could be handy too A thickness level between pixel and fine would be nice for small writing people like me A 256 colour picker perhaps with favorite colors on a toolbar The scissors icon for erase is slightly confusing, made me think of cut and paste Thanks for the app!
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Re: [App] Quill - handwritten notes

Very fast - impressively so. Paper selection would be great - composition, legal, etc. At least lines or did I miss something? I missed the eraser. Definitely tags or some sort of folder situation with a way to title them. Export to all the usual programs, pdf, doc compatible, etc. Excellent work. Thank you.
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