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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Applications of Lenovo tablets - when you use it?

Hi W2


I'm using OneNote 2010 on my desktop, and whatever is the current version for Android on my TPT.  When I want to get something from my TPT into OneNote, I print it to my OneNote "printer" on my desktop through the PrinterShare program which goes through Google Cloud Printers (for LectureNotes I create a PDF and then email it to myself to print into ON - I have emailed the developer asking they add the PrinterShare program as part of the share when the PDF is created.  The Printershare worked for the mobile notes - but you have to do 1 page at a time).


On my pc I have configured google cloud printing services through my Chrome browser to access my OneNote "printer" (sorry if this is already known, but, just in case - when you set up OneNote on your PC, a virtual printer is created so that you can print anything into OneNote - nice if you want to have a pdf, or any document in your ON to be displayed instead of as an embedded file/icon that you have to click to open to see).


On my TPT, I am using the PrinterShare program to access my Google cloud printers (there are no limits for printing in PrinterShare when doing it through Google cloud - that is why I am doing it this way vs. installing Printershare on my PC - they only allow you to print 20 pages, then you have to pay - I found out at pg 21 the first time I tried).


Then, as mentioned, the OneNote syncs between my TPT and computer through the cloud sync'ing feature of, after a few seconds/minutes, the printed notes from my TPT shows up in my OneNote.


If only we could just write directly into ON, or print directly to the ON on the TPT...Robot Indifferent


I hope I was able to explain this properly - if not, or anything else, just let me know!



Serial Port
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Re: Applications of Lenovo tablets - when you use it?



Thanks for the detailed explanation.  That's very helpful....and I have to say ingenious!





Paper Tape
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Re: Applications of Lenovo tablets - when you use it?

Hi all,

I saw this thread and thought I would join to add my 2 cents. It was interesting to see that for most people here it was on a single or very small scale of application.


I work for a relatively large travel company and I purchased 192 TPT's where we applied them at sales expo's that we hold around Australia.


Utilising the pre-installed Citrix reciever (which includes function keys which are critical to one of our main business apps), the wifi, stylus and folio keyboard, we were able to increase our number of sales terminals from 230 devices to 300 devices realtively easily. A bit of pain as we built and configured on the run but we got through it. Ultimately we will increase the number of these devices at shows once we overcome our wireless challenges. Who knew that high-density wifi is a tough nut to crack?


Atm we are testing them in real life corporate support. I've just installed Quill (since it seems to be getting rave reviews) and with our company having already moved over to Google Mail from Outlook, the syncing of mail, chat (remote video chat over 3G is amazingly useful for us), Docs etc this device is proving to be a great corporate stepping stone for us to implement tablets as a BAU product for our support staff/sales staff and BDM's.


PS - Absolute Computrace is a pretty good corporate management suite to give you comfort in data security. Remote wipe, remote lock and location details gives us some peace of mind.




Punch Card
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Re: Applications of Lenovo tablets - when you use it?

[ Edited ]
I'm a partner in a Lenovo reseller. I bought one of these for my personal use in an attempt to lose my paper notebook that I take my meeting notes in. Unfortunately I've had a terrible experience with this device to the point I've told our sales team not to sell it or recommend it. Our Lenovo contacts literally will not return emails or phone calls relating to our issues with this tablet, which to me shows exactly how much they care about this product and the people that bought it (ie they don't).

Not that its relevant to this particular thread, but my issues are:
The pen is frequently not responsive
Charging extremely slow
Unlock screen slow
GPS doesn't work
3G drops out frequently and needs a reboot to bring it back
Crashes regularly, sometimes crashes then gets into a boot - crash - boot loop
Included apps useless (thank goodness for Quill!)
Sent in for warranty repair for the above issues, and came back no fault found (grrrr)
And other minor issues.

Paper Tape
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Re: Applications of Lenovo tablets - when you use it?

I have just discovered a new use for my tpt: its a great photography tool.

my Nikon d7000 camera has 2 sd card slots... so I set it to store full size raw files on one card (about 20mb each), and small jpg on the other (much smaller files). now at the end of the day i can just pop this card into the tpt and upload or email the pics to my friends... no need to wait till i get home to process the raw files. I also used it in the same way to review pictures while on holiday...
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