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Blue Screen Again
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Cannot access imei on Thinkpad x1 gen3 2-in-1 tablet to set up LTE

I've spent 1.5k on this new tablets in hopes of setting up cellular service to have internet access everywhere i go. Problem is, there isn't hide nor hair of the imei number that the service provider needs to hook me up with it. 


I customized my machine /specifically/ to have access to wwan and thus LTE capable. I've spent 2+ hours with the carrier, ~an hour through phone customer service, and much more time digging for an answer. 


I simply can't find a solution and am beginning to wonder if the product i recieved either wasnt made to my specifications, or if it is due to faulty software/hardware. 


Below is the configuration that i had ordered. 



















Paper Tape
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Re: Cannot access imei on Thinkpad x1 gen3 2-in-1 tablet to set up LTE

I had the LTE on mine as well, was working great - but then just recently stopped recognising the SIM card, and wouldn't display an IMEI in any settings window. I wonder if the updates broke the driver for the configuration. I have ordered a new SIM card, but think this might be a warranty issue.. curious to see if you have had any luck finding a solution. I couldn't access it through my phone providers app either, which  used to recognise my device. I recently pulled some updates and travelled with the tablet, so hopefully soon I'll have some feedback to share.

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