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Re: Documents to go app shop update

Me too. It is a bit annoying. But do not worry. I have read that Ice Cream Sandwich will allow us to mask applications from the market, so announcements like this one can be hidden.

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Re: Documents to go app shop update

Thanks! I even tried to use Titanium Backup to detach D2G from market but it's still showing under updates after clearing both market and GP data. Remember seeing a hack for this sort of thing somewhere but probably should just leave well enough alone.

Punch Card
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Re: Documents to go app shop update

My problem with DTG is that it no longer syncs with the desktop.
I have to manually copy files over.
I have gone round and round with DTG support and no solution to the problem.

Running the latest 3.004
Paper Tape
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Re: Documents to go app shop update

Hi. I finally got past the sync problem--I do not use DTG to sync any longer.


I use synctoy between an external SD card in the TPT and my windows PC.


It's reliable.


Under Settings/USB Settings, I set Micro USB to "View contents of SD card (mount)"


When I dock the TPT to my PC, the SD card appears as an external memory stick. The TPT itself does not appear.


Under Settings/Location and Security I select Encrypt Data on Removeable SD Card -- my job requires this, you don't have to encrypt the card unless you want or need to do that.


I still use my original My Docs to Go folder on my PC, but now I use synctoy from Microsoft to reliably update my files.


No more worries about syncing. DTG on the TPT opens the files without problems.


Sync has always been the weak point on DTG--I've had DTG since the Palm pilot days.


I'll never try to sync with it again.


No need to update from the original version on the TPT either.





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