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Punch Card
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Encroaching competition, with a customer/market focus...

As expected, Samsung is rolling out the 10.1 Galaxy note, and is even reaching out (with incentives) to developers to come up with more apps to take advantage of the stylus ( ).  Will Lenovo feel the pressure and step up their support of the TPT, or let it continue to languish?

Punch Card
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Re: Encroaching competition, with a customer/market focus...

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They will continue status quo. Lenovo's tablets are half or more than half way through their life cycle. I would assume the last big update will be Ice Cream Sandwich. Then it will slide into oblivion, it was a rushed product to try to capitalize on a niche market for Lenovo. Piddling updates, no real investment, flaky hardware (that you evidently have to get admin's or someone else associated with Lenovo/IBM past or present, from this board to be taken care of in what sould be a no brainer for the customer), If Lenovo were serious there would be revisions both in hardware and software. Hell my daughter has a Kindle Fire and Amazon has already released 4 updates addressing software and performance issues,thats in 4 months. How many truly and I mean truly useful updates has Lenovo released ? The one about improper German launguage translation has been a lifesaver for me.  I can have my German properly translated,  but I can't watch a video, listen to music, check my email without the friggin tablet stroking out, and me having to restart it every five minutes. Go figure??

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