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Fanfold Paper
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Accepted Solution

Google Play Store app

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I just received my ThinkPad Tablet 64Gb my husband got the wi fi working but I cannot download/install the Google SkyMap app because Google Play store says I do not have their play store installed. How do I do this? I'm so confused. I want to install the Sky Map app. Curr dos Android 3.?

What is the skull icon and the question 'What DOS" about?

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Re: Google Play Store app

It should have updated to the Play Store by now.

Follow these trouble shooting tips from Google.

Let us know if it works for you.
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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Google Play Store app

Thank you so much MrPeter. Somehow this worked or something magical happened as a few days later the Google Play Store appeared on my screen.


I wish this forum would allow you to save only your userid and NOT the password.


I'm really having a time learning our tablet. Sometimes it's great sometimes I just want to forget the whole thing. LOL

What's DOS?
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Re: Google Play Store app

how do i install google play store app on my lenovo a1-70? i have a lenovo store on my tablet  and i cant understand it because it is in chinese language. can  i change it to english, how? hope u can help me on this matter...

What's DOS?
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Re: Google Play Store app

i have the same problem with my lenovo k3 note so if u find any way plz let me know thanks.......