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Paper Tape
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Re: Installing Lenovo adb_driver (win7/x64)

Replying to my own post because I have seemingly found a solution. Suspect it won't be popular, though.


1. Did a full factory reset on the TPT and rebooted (mine is a company-owned development machine, so not much data or apps to lose on it, but I understand why most would prefer to avoid this).


2. Rebooted, opened Settings, and set the following:

    Applications > Unknown Sources checked, nothing else.

    Applications > Development > USB debugging checked, Stay awake unchecked, Allow mock locations checked

    USB Settings > Transfer files (Media Transfer Protocol) checked, nothing else.


3. Powered down the TPT.


4. Started adb.exe on my laptop and did an adb devices. As expected, nothing listed. 


5. Powered the TPT up again, plugged in the USB cable, and for the first time, the tablet was recognized and properly installed by Windows 7 x64. 


6. Re-ran adb devices and the tablet showed up as the only attached device.


7. Called home to make sure there were at least two bottles of Duvel chilling in the refrigerator so I could celebrate after work.


Hope this helps someone else. 



Punch Card
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Re: Installing Lenovo adb_driver (win7/x64)

My tablet was also showing "Unknown Device" under 64 bit windows 7.  There is no way to install the driver if you are seeing this.


Without reseting or wiping out the system, I experimented the following and it worked for me!


1) Make sure the tablet has "usb debugging mode" turned on.  Downloaded the driver from <>, and uncompress the folder, making sure it is ready to go.


2) Power off the machine without cable connected.


3) Power on the machine and connect the cable right after you see the white "LENOVO" splash screen.  The timing when you do this seems to be important.


4) "Thinkpad Tablet" is detected, although you still need to install the driver.


5) Go to windows 7 device manager and upgrade the driver, pointing the browse location to the driver folder you just decompressed.


Done!  Time to root the baby!


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Installing Lenovo adb_driver (win7/x64)



Great - it worked for me too!


How can Lenovo make it this complicated?


And one bad thing left:


Yes - it works when I attach the Micro USB to the TPT, BUT


It does not work when the TPT is in the Docking station and the Micro USB is connected to the docking station :-(


So - yes, its better but still not professional!


Anybody has a fix for me for that?


BR, Andreas

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