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What's DOS?
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Re: Thanks for the first confirmation!

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Just wanted to add to this.  The ICS update is looming on the horizon so I wanted to start moving all my data (tons of sketches!) to a removable card.  I finally got the Komputerbay SDXC 64 to work, but it was tricky.  Messed with this for hours.  I don't know if it's because of the previous OTA update, but my TPT would not take an exFAT formatted SDXC.  It would just sit on "Checking SD card for errors" all night, never finishing.


The trick was finding a PC app that would format the card in FAT32, in a way compatible with the TPT.  Tried many tools for HDD and Flash cards and none produced a FAT32 card that TPT would read.  The one that finally worked was


Formatted the card with EaseUS and TPT recognized it right away, showing 61.84GB capacity Smiley Happy  Be careful to click on the SD card in the list, click Format, FAT32, OK, and then click Apply.


BTW, the tool to get your SDXC back to its original state (if things get too screwed up or you need to return it) is the official SDFormatter at


Hope this saves some headaches. Smiley Happy

Punch Card
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Re: Thanks for the first confirmation!

This is a really really good thread.....
have to buy one and try....

Thanks a lot , guys.
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What's DOS?
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Re: Thanks for the first confirmation!

Is there any trick to getting your system to recognize the Komputerbay SDXC 64GB  card as 64GB?  I just received the 64GB card that I bought from Amazon,  put it in and formatted it as exFAT.  It shows up as a 32GB card (29GB available).  I'm using a W510 running Windows 7.

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Re: Thanks for the first confirmation!

Please read the full thread. You'll need to format the SD card as FAT32.

What's DOS?
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Re: Max SD size?

Here is yet another comfirmation, my Tablet has ICS and I have a scandisk 64gb working in my tablet, I followed the instruction, could not get the tablet to fromat it, I had to fromat it with a window xp machine. also tried a linux machine to fromat it and that too worked.


thanks for the help!!!

What's DOS?
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Re: Max SD size?

I'm running a SanDisk Ultra UHS-I 64GB microSDXC Class 10 card (silver one) in my TPT2 with no issues.  It's spec'ed at 30BM/S. All 64GB are visible to Windows 8 Pro. I haven't tried any speed tests, but it runs video with no hiccups. The part number is 80-56-11520-064G.  


So in answer to some of the questions in this thread, 64G and SDXC do seem to be supported. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Max SD size?

Just going back to the max size question, now that we have establish 64GB works, anyone tried 128GB?




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Re: Max SD size?

The discussion seems to have trailed off but to continue to update with current data, I have a 256GB SD card working just fine. Anybody tried a 512 yet? 

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