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Fanfold Paper
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New Delivery Model Confusion

First time poster (so I hate opening a new thread) but I was curious as to whether this was a unique problem.


I had looked into waiting for the Asus Transformer Prime to be released but was ultimately sold on the Thinkpad Digitizer Pen option and Keyboard portfolio.   I had originally wanted a X220 TP Laptop but decided to get T420 and Tablet.


Anyway - my order TPT arrived today (I am in the US, South Florida) and I can't figure out what the heck is going on.  All the apps are in Chinese - maps, ereader, games, are all Chinese.  There's no McAfee.  Weirder is that the model is not a 32GB model but a 16GB model which annoys me but then it has 3G? and is not Wifi only.  The language was changed to English so that is the base language but much of what's installed is still Chinese.


The model is listed as 1838 3HC and not 1838 CTO.


What concerns me most is that the warranty card is all in Chinese, the one page manual is in Chinese.  Will the 3G work in the US (there's a SIM Card  port built-in but just puttin a regular iPhone AT&T card in there didn't get registered).

Did I just get shipped complete the wrong thing? Am I going to have to ship this thing back to China? Wait a week for that to happen and then have another one shipped back?  I tried looking up 1838 3HC and all the sites are Chinese.  Or is this something I can just request partial credit for (I assume 16GB + 3G < 32GB in $)


Advice appreciated... or at least let me know if I should find this funny.  I had heard about Lenovo's supply chain problems but this seems far fetched even for them.  I'm excited to see what comes for my Laptop tomorrow - maybe that will be Chinese too.


On the bright side the tablet seems nice and the keyboard portfolio is really slick.  If I have to send it back I might just wait for the Transformer Prime because sometimes beauty is smaller and shinier and it will come with keyboard.

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Re: New Delivery Model Confusion

Oh yeah. So wrong. Go to settings, about, and you ending should be US, after the sequence of numbers.
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Paper Tape
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Re: New Delivery Model Confusion

Lenovo must send you a wrong model, so you should contact their service to change a right model.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: New Delivery Model Confusion



Not sure I can be bothered to wait the turnaround time for this - I wish I'd paid with Credit Card.. just put the money back now and ship vs waiting the full cycle for a refund.


I guess I'll call Lenovo tomorrow.





Fanfold Paper
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Registered: ‎11-03-2011
Location: South Florida
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Re: New Delivery Model Confusion

Thanks for responding. I called and got an RMA no problem.

Decided (perhaps stupidly) not to wait for the Transformer 2 and order the another TPT and wait and wait.

I looked at all the options and I can't figure out why no-one offers a pressure digitizer pen like Lenovo. I feel locked Smiley Happy

My T420 arrived today though.. working fine and in English!
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