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Re: OTA 2.5 fix list

The SIM pin code issue "workaround" in 2.5 seems to be a light workaround indeed. Basically it works the same as removing pin code security in settings, as long as you don't reboot.
You're asked the pin code when booting, but then it looks like the pin code is stored temporarily. So if you remove the SIM and then reinsert it, you're not asked for a pin code.

I am not sure about the possible security issues with such a fix, but it can't be a long term solution....
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Re: OTA 2.5 fix list

Hello bsnf. First off, Thanks for the information and updates!


2nd, it's now 2-29-12 and I still haven't seen the update to 2.5. Is it still running on time? Thanks!

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Re: OTA 2.5 fix list




I am very sorry to bring bad news, OTA 2.5 was released to manufacturing on 02/17 but for some reason (I don't know why) it has not been send for certification yet. For now it looks like OTA 2.5 update will be available on 03/09.


I posted the code on the link below for users that really need to have it urgently as it resolves the email stuck issue, for all other users I would prefer you do the update over the air.


Steps to do a manual update (requires SD card)

1 - Copy the file to an SD card.

2 - Make sure the tablet is powered OFF (not sleep, but a full shutdown).

3 - Insert the SD card into the Tablet.

4 - Boot the Tablet into "Recovery Mode"

- Hold the "Volume UP" key and the power button at the same time.

- When the Tablet vibrates, begin "tapping" the volume up button (press, release, press, release, etc)

- In about 1-2 seconds, you should see the message "Booting Recovery Console" on the Tablet.  You can stop pressing the vol up button.

5 - Once in the recovery menu, the volume UP and DOWN keys move the "selection" and the power button is like pressing ENTER.

- Press the volume down button once to navigate to "Apply update from SD Card"

- Press the power button to select that.

- Now use the volume down button to navigate down to the update.

- Press the power button to begin applying it.

6 - It should take about 60-90 seconds to apply.  Once it's done, reboot the device!

7 - Once you are back in the normal OS, go to Settings -> About tablet -> "System updates" and check for new updates as normal.


This update should take you to build 89 US.

This update will only work on Tablets that have OTA2 build 86 US.


Please note: I don't make the schedule and have nothing to do with the delay.




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Re: OTA 2.5 fix list

Thank you for the information and link.
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Re: OTA 2.5 fix list



I really appericate you for posting the 89 ahead of time - esp for those that are having problems with the email.


Thank you

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Re: OTA 2.5 fix list

Is it just me or the 2.5 has delayd further? 

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Re: OTA 2.5 fix list

Cilburn wrote:

Is it just me or the 2.5 has delayd further? 

it's not just you. it's just Lenovo. don't hold your breath for Ice Cream Sandwich, either.
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Re: OTA 2.5 fix list

Is there an ETA for *any* update to arrive in third world countries .... uhm I mean ... Canada? (we are called "Rest of the World" - as in "we give a f*ck about you"). Been putting up with this buggy piece of **bleep** tablet since last summer. Sorry for the explicit language, I've been keeping quiet for a long while now, but eventually even the best customer loses her temper.


Lenovo: your "me too please"-Android tablet market experiment has gone horribly wrong. I'd almost call it Lenovo's "Vista-gate". Please accept defeat, give us unlock and root, and let the community salvage that little reputation you have left... I'm confident that a handful of volunteer Android developers from the open-source community would be able to deliver this laughable list of "OTA fixes" in a timeframe much less than 4 months. Hello? Google spits out a whole new operating system in that time, while the Lenovo development team can't even get GPS to work. What a bloody joke!


If this thinkpad tablet experience is any indication for how the rest of the company is run, I seriously wonder how you can keep up in today's market.

Lenovo Staff
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Re: OTA 2.5 fix list

OTA 2.5 has been released for all images (UK, WE, ROW, JP & CN) except US. I do not have an update on when the US image will release however I posted the image in the forum.

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Re: OTA 2.5 fix list

sobrado wrote:

barbfxshow wrote:

If the aGPS on the TPT does not have the ability to fall back to stand-alone GPS, as is common, then non-WWAN TPTs should not have been advertised as having a GPS as it will never function as a GPS.

That is a good point that I missed, thanks for noting it.  If the A-GPS unit available on the ThinkPad tablet is unable to fall back to standalone mode (in fact, it is hardly to believe but a lot of assisted GPS have this restriction) then it should have not been advertised as a feature on the non-WWAN tablets.


Of course, if the A-GPS on the tablet can work as an autonomous GPS then Lenovo should do its best to get it working on a future OTA upgrade.  The fact that rooted tablets can find satellites but not lock them makes me think that this GPS will be unable to work without access to A-GPS servers, i.e. it will not work as a standalone system.  Hope being wrong here.


I agree, as a difference with cell phones tablets are not expected to have permanent connection to packet switching networks.  So Lenovo should have provided a GPS unit that can work as standalone when no network is available; on the other hand even the ThinkPad T43 laptops have software modems on them, so I will not be surprised to find cheap devices inside these high-end products.

I've been asking Lenovo for months to get the AGPS working with WIFI. I've document the issue ad nauseum in this post:


The Lenovo Support people here on the forums appear eager to help but the Lenovo design/engineering group seems either clueless or determined not to admit it's an issue.


Anyway, feel free to copy and paste your GPS comments to the post I linked.... It couldn't hurt, at one time there was a couple of Lenovo Support people monitoring the post in an attempt to get it resolved.




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