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Fanfold Paper
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Re: [Petition] Please Unlock the Bootloader of TPT

I have written mine off too.


The accessories are for sale on ebay and the tablet is heading to the recyclers.


Lenovo your build quality on this tablet was way below my expectations (charging port failure and partition corruption)


Based on experience Lenovo products will no longer feature on my shortlists - at least the purchase choice will be simpler going forwards.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: [Petition] Please Unlock the Bootloader of TPT

My Tablet is also dead now for around 2 months :-( If nothing happnes it'll also go to the recycler. Now I know what is meant with "Urban Mining" :-D


Lenovo, please open the bootloader or provide the corresponding key!

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Re: [Petition] Please Unlock the Bootloader of TPT

By this point I doubt they will listen to the pleas, but I won't trash it. I'm keeping it to remind me never to get another Lenovo. Its a shame really, it could have been a contender. I already moved on l over a year ago and have gotten a few other tablets.



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Re: [Petition] Please Unlock the Bootloader of TPT



Lenovo appreciates the discussion and interest in an unlocked bootloader.  The ThinkPad Tablet was designed to meet the needs of corporate / business customers who needed a robust and secure tablet.  The bootloader was locked by design  and it would go against the intent of the product for Lenovo to provide a method to unlock it.  As this request has been considered and addressed, and as Lenovo is providing a solution through service for qualifying customers who have developed a hung / ... , I am closing out this discussion.


Reviewing the last several pages, I hope that all of you who have experienced the hung condition will contact service so that we can get this issue addressed for you.


Please contact me via PM if you need assistance in contacting service.


Best regards,



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