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What's DOS?
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Poor graphics performance (TPT2)

Anyone else experiencing worse graphics performance on the TPT2 than you would expect considering the hardware?


I am not able to play a youtube videos smoothly on higher quality than p480. If I select p720 or p1080 the video lags and pixelates. I am able to HD videos smoothly on my laptops, so the internet connection is not the problem, and furthermore the performance problem occur both on wifi and wired connection through the TPT2 dock.


In the below test of the Intel Atom Z2760 in a Samsung Ativ tablet, it is clear that the hardware should be able to play HD video and do other tasks at the same time, without any lag at all.

hothardware Intel Atom Z2760 test


Has Lenovo limited the performance in order to achieve better battery lifetime? Will a clean install of windows 8 without Lenovo software on top improve on the performance? 

Token Ring
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Re: Poor graphics performance (TPT2)

Some pretty crucial information is missing from your post.


1. Are you running Windows 8.1 and the new driver bundle which includes Graphics Driver 1176. The GPU performance was enhanced significantly (naturally at something of a cost to battery life).


2. What Bios are you running?


3. In which browser are you running your tests, and with which version of Flash? My expereince has shown that flash streaming video performance is best in IE 11 Metro. Historically, I can get video playing fairly well in Firefox as well. I also note that i have been able to watch HBOgo, StarzPlay, and ShowtimeAnywhere just fine on the machine, and generally, its the performance of the network and the pipe that are causing problems. (don't forget that a cable modem connection is actually a shared pipe connection with everyone on your block.



Jonathan Becker
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What's DOS?
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Re: Poor graphics performance (TPT2)

Wow. I have made some interesting discoveries.

I am running win 8.1 and my graphics driver is the most recent one 1177 like the bios which is the 2.10. Likewise my browsers (IE11 & Chrome) and flash software are all updated to the latest versions.


I just made a test where I viewed the same youtube video in different qualities in respectively chrome, IE11 and IE11 Metro and measured the cpu usage in task manager.

To my surprise the Chrome browser was by far the worst.


When watching video in p720 and above the cpu usage was close to 100% in Chrome, whereas in the IE11 it was approximately 40-50%, and the best result was as jonnybecker mentioned with the IE11 Metro where it was between 15 and 40% all the time.

I do not have firefox, but I should maybe try this too

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