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Posts: 112
Registered: ‎10-17-2011
Location: Germany/Austria
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Re: [REQ] Lenovo Backup App

[ Edited ]

Dear bsnf,


thank you for giving us the chance to add our ideas. The things I would love to see for OTA3/ICS are:


1) "App wheel": remove or give us the option to disable the "app wheel" in the status bar


2) Theme: please do not change the layout of the clock and the android buttons as in 3.1!!! I think the look of 4.0 is really "professional" - just focus to give us the best of Lenovo´s Services (widgets, app-store...) to add the things you want to see on your business tablet! But don´t change ICS in general. See also the new Design website of google:


Stock ICS is really beautiful and powerful!!!!


3) Backup: An application for backup off installed apps and settings (accounts, WLAN access points...)would be really nice!


4) Continue to improve the response of the lock screen.


5) Keep Lenovo´s service as "slim" as possible - meaning the applications don´t use to much RAM/CPU power when idle!


But in generell, the TPT is exactly what I wanted to get Smiley Happy I already love this device, but it will become much better with ICS - when we get rid of all the 3.1 honeycomb issues (which are not Lenovos fault).


Thank you again for participating so much here in the forum! The TPT receives exactly the support now I hopped to see when I bought a Lenovo Android tablet.... you can really score compared to other Android device selling companies: SUPPORT & continuosly proving software updates!




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Registered: ‎09-29-2011
Location: * Alemania
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Re: [REQ] Lenovo Backup App

[ Edited ]
I agree with what you wrote Neokazaki.

But I would suggest to create for every issue and request a new Topic, (edit: if there does not exist allready one)
so people can discuss there about needed options/fixes, also the most urgent and annoying problems could be focused easier.

I like the idea of using [ISSUE], [REQ] and so on.
Hope you and others like the idea of structure, too

With kind regards
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