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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎06-22-2012
Location: Washington
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Accepted Solution

Simultaneous Use of Bluetooth and Wifi

Does anyone have any problems with using Wifi and Bluetooth (AD2P Audio) simultaneously on the Android Thinkpad Tablet?


My wifi works fine, and my bluetooth functions well, but as soon as I turn on the bluetooth, all the wireless signals dissappear. I go from 3 or 4 "bars" (Fair-Good) to not even being able to detect the network. I expect to see a little drop in wifi performance when BT is active, but this is nuts.


The support folks had me perform a factory reset from the recovery console, and were surprised when I said that recovered it back to Android 4.0.3. (It came with v3.something).


I'm travelling for work, so setting up next to an access point is not an option, but in the last week, I got the USB port repaired, did the OTA update, and bought a headset, so there are alot of variables I'm trying to nail down.


Any help is appreciated! If you guys could see how things work on your tablet, that would be helpful.

Blue Screen Again
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎06-22-2012
Location: Washington
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Re: Simultaneous Use of Bluetooth and Wifi

Okay, I figured out what was going on. When my machine was sent in for depot repair, one of the antenas was connected to the wrong antenna conneciton on the WLAN card.


The maintaince manual shows a model of what the connections should look, like which does not agree with the text that describes how to perform the repair. The text is correct, the image is probably only intended as a reference. When I corrected the erroneous connections, I got better WLAN signal strenght, and resolved the bluetooth/WLAN conflict.


I'm gussing this is not a problem with most people's machines, but maybe something worth cautioning maintainence techs about.


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Re: Simultaneous Use of Bluetooth and Wifi

It seems that the GPS issue may be a similar mis-wiring issue. Contract always goes to the lowest bidder...
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