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Punch Card
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Standby mode battery usage too much???

When battery is full charging,wifi off,

8 hours use 12%  battery


is this normal???

Punch Card
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Re: Standby mode battery usage too much???

Much like a smart phone, your tablet has certain things on that can have a drastic effect on your battery.


I recently went through my TPT as it was having similar issues. It would drain it's battery in 2 days and the idle histograph showed the discharge angle being ~40 degree. You can find the histograph in "Settings -> About Tablet -> Battery Use and then tap the "XYZ on battery" (XYZ being the amount of time since it was last charged).


Now the usage is much lower (less than 10 degrees). It's been off charge for over 6 hours and it's used 5%. Extrapolate that out to roughly 130 hours standby.


How I did it though may no appeal to you and depends on your usage scenario.


Wireless and Networks
* Turn off Wi-fi unless you want to use it.
* Turn off bluetooth.


* Left only haptic feedback on in feedback section.
* Turned off microphone.


* Stop the auto brightness and set it to about 40%. Takes a little bit to get used to Smiley Happy


Location & Security
* Disabled "My Location". This may interfere with your usage.


* Have a closer look at "running services". I found if you got curious about an app, it stuck around and sucked up battery life.
* Uninstall the crud you don't intend on using. I wish Social Touch was removable.


Account & Sync
* Disable background data. This might have the most profound affect on you. Your email won't auto update, for example, but it will automatically check each time when you open the email app.


I left the screen on while typing this and it sucked a good 2-3% of battery just idling with the screen on, so get into the habit of letting it blank out while not in use or waiting for something.


See how you go, but most tablet/phone hardware, be it Android or iOS, needs fine tuning to optimise the battery.

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Re: Standby mode battery usage too much???

12% sounds about right. My percentage might even be worse. Smiley Wink
Don't get mad, get root.
Paper Tape
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Betreff: Standby mode battery usage too much???

[ Edited ]

Not a direct answer, but I found the following in the Lenovo Hardware Maintenance Manual ( ) which helped me a lot reducing standby battery usage without switching wireless on and off manually:

Wireless network disconnect policy

To get a longer battery life, manage your wireless connections more reasonably by configuring the wireless network disconnect policy. To configure the wireless network disconnect policy, do the following:

1. Open the Android Settings screen. To open the Android Settings screen, do either of the following: • From the main Home screen, touch the Android Settings icon on Lenovo Launch Zone. The Android Settings screen is displayed. • Touch the application icon from the action bar and then touch Settings. The Android Settings screen is displayed.

2. Touch Wireless & network ➙ Wi-Fi settings.

3. Touch the Menu icon and then touch Advanced.

4. Touch Wireless Enhanced Settings. The following options are displayed. Touch to enable the function or to further configure the setting. • Turn off Wi-Fi when display is off • Never turn off Wi-Fi when connect to the specified [SSID] • Turn off Wi-Fi on schedule • Turn off WAN when connect to Wi-Fi • Connect to the WAN

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