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Surface Pro pen on Thinkpad Tablet 2?

Will the Surface Pro pen work with a Thinkpad Tablet 2? Or any other wacom pen? I really wish the pen was larger, easier to hit the right click, and had an eraser function built in, hence the interest. Any recomendations? Thanks!

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Re: Surface Pro pen on Thinkpad Tablet 2?

Providing your TPT2 is a model fitted with the active Wacom digitizer and pen, then yes, the Surface Pro pen is compatible.


See here for a list of compatible pens:


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Re: Surface Pro pen on Thinkpad Tablet 2?

I just picked up a pair of replacement styli that are working great for me on my TPT2...


Search eBay for "Fujitsu FPCPN28AP Replacement Stylus". Often they come in a pack of two. They work much better (because of the size of the barrel) plus the eraser on top is great. I also ordered new tips from Wacom that produce a little more friction on the glass surface, which makes inking even more precise.


I ran across a lot of good info on inking and styli (inluding tips about the Fujitsu and felt Wacom tips) in the post referenced by gcoupe...



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Re: Surface Pro pen on Thinkpad Tablet 2?

I've gotten used to the pen, though I've simply disabled the right click button. I agree that without any ridges (like on the Samsung Note pens) there's no way to find the thing, which renders it mostly useless.


If you're looking for a good replacement, the Lenovo pen that was designed for previous generation X series tablets is very good. I still use mine. I've also read good things about Fujitsu's pens. Be careful when buying, however, as Fujitsu and some other manufacturers have started moving to N-Trig pens.

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