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Re: TPT for College

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Ok, not a student (and havent been for a very longtime) but here's my ( still developing ) workflow.


I'm a sales guys so spend a lot of time out of the office. If I'm in a client meeting, I'll use Quill to take notes and draw diagrams. These are exported and emailed to my Exchange account in PNG format via Touchdown. These emails are stored in client folders in Exchange and a copy of the file attached to the appointment in Outlook Calander. All input in touchdown is written via MyScript stylus rather than a traditional keyboard.


If I'm just taking notes and no diagrams I'll use Office Suite Pro ( again all done with MyScript) and either email or Drop box Or Evernote. Like someone above I've tried most of the office products via Amazon and like Office Suite because formatting is easier.


If I get contracts to sign (via touchdown) I'll use EZPDF to annotated and forward back (used to have To print, sign, scan, return.


I'm using Astrid Task and its widgets as my task lists both personal and work.


My workflow using the tablet is still developing and I've been lucky that I don't seem to have had any of the major problems that other users are reporting.


If you haven't looked at MyScript Stylus I suggest you do. It completes the Tablet and Pen experience as you can write in ANY application not just the purpose written ones. Hope this helps someone.


Oh and just got my Waterfield Ultimate tablet sleeve today. Expect a review on the Gadgeteer in the near future.

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