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Re: TPT for Education, not just business...



I have just got a TPT and work in higher education. I mainly intend to use the TPT for lecturing and note-taking in meetings, etc. as well as for annotating research documents. The hope is to replace my windows convertible tablet, running xp, for these tasks - which I have been very happy with - just want something small, light with good battery life. So far I am a little disappointed in the quality of the software for something intended for 'enterprise' use. I accept this is not entirely Lenovo's fault, since the hardware seems good, but the availability of suitable apps. perhaps they could (should) have developed more themselves pre-release. a few more specific comments.


- For note-taking, WritePad Stylus is a good user experience. Just wish it could be synched to OneNote - or there was a OneNote app fo Android.

- For annotating .pdf I think that ezPDF seems the best in terms of ink annotation, but I wish you could switch on the inking and leave it on rather than have to do it separately for each slide. anything that could replicate some of the functionality of PDF Annotator (Grahl software) on the Windows machine would be ideal.

- when projecting via HDMI to a screen/projector some way to turn off the navigation keys is needed. not sure if this is possible, but surely when doing a professional presentation this is necessary.

- FlexT9 keyboard is awful compared to Windows tablet input panel. even the Swype functionality is not as good as on my Android phone.



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