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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-02-23, 18:50 PM

OK, some people might think the TPT2 is performing up to spec, but others do not.

So if Mark would actually post his verdict on this thread - were it was supposed to be posted first - then people could respond to it.


Mark_Lenovo wrote on 02-13-2013 12:14 AM:
I'm going to update the USB thread, so let's keep the issues seperate.  The short answer is that our USB port meets the USB 2.0 spec fully.



direct link to his original post http://goo.gl/fKpMR

When this is the short answere there, I'd expect some more detail in this dedicated thread.

e.g.What were the test results for a representative lot of tested devices according the desputed "short commings": High-power port supply voltage [Vbus], high-power hub port (out) [Iccprt], tested against what high-power function(s) (in) [Icchpf], test equipment, ...?

See specs at official USB 2.0 document revision 110512 §7.3.2 "Table 7-7 DC Electrical Characteristics".


It won't do to state it's OK, or to refer to theoretical/blueprint  values only!


A professional testlab - like Lenovo undoubtably has - should know how to perform tests and present the test results. And they should have them available already before the first device hits the shelves.

usb.org even provides detailed test setup guidelines!


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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-02-23, 20:22 PM

I was unaware of the under powered USB and mini-HDMI ports before I purchased the TPT2. Otherwise I could just get a DELL Latitude 10. Less expensive and can be used with Bamboo Feel pen.


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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-02-24, 7:22 AM

Buying my TPT2 has been the worst shopping experience of my life. 
And Lenovo support is no where to be seen.


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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-02-25, 1:36 AM

anyone can try installing asus AI charger for ipad then try charging it? If it can charge an iPad then I guess this can be fixed through firmware.


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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-02-26, 12:37 PM

Has anyone contacted technical support through their warranty? What was their response?


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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-02-27, 1:16 AM
So it appears that there have been some updates in other topics but yet no mention of any progress to this issue. Mark or whomever-it would be great if we could get an update of what has been done or if any progress has been made. I'm not asking for a solution, just some transparency.

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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-02-27, 20:12 PM




Apologies for the long delay.  Here is our official answer, which I'm marking as the accepted solution only to guide users to Lenovo's answer on the matter. ( I realize that this does not provide a "solution" in the context of supporting all unpowered drives.)



The ThinkPad Tablet 2 is fully compliant with the USB 2.0 spec - supplying 500mA of current and 5V of voltage to attached devices. However, it should be noted that the ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a low-power device, and may not be able to provide power beyond the USB 2.0 spec, which may be required for certain USB devices. These devices, in particular, are usually storage devices with a rotating motor, such as external HDDs and external ODDs. During testing, our engineers found such devices actually require more than the 500mA of current provided by USB 2.0.


These devices are able to work on other systems (such as our ThinkPad notebooks) because these systems have a shared power bus which feeds multiple USB ports and are actually able to provide more than the USB 2.0 spec of 500mA. This additional power requirement for many USB storage devices is recognized by device manufacturers, and statements suggesting the use of a powered USB hub can often be found on their respective support pages. Along with spinning storage devices, many USB keys were tested, including 64GB models, and all keys worked as expected.


Lenovo will seek to improve this design in future tablets while still delivering a device that manages power aggressively and provides long battery life. Lenovo recommends use of an external power supply or powered USB dock (such as the ThinkPad Tablet 2 dock) to support these types of USB storage devices on the ThinkPad Tablet 2.


Best regards,



0 person found this solution to be helpful.

This helped me too


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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-02-27, 20:24 PM

Very elegant explanation, but this information shall  be provided to users before releasing the product. None of them expected, that "spinning devices" won't work with TPT2 (we all rememeber video on official Lenovo youtube channel). This is also widely considered as a major flaw in all of the reviews throughout the internet.


Nevertheless, now situation is clear. I have not bought the TPT2 yet and your explanation does not mean  I won't buy it, as this is is still a very good tablet. But I think that information shall be given the Lenovo before releasing the product, not after.


Best regard,




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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-02-27, 20:34 PM

I would bet that the mini-hdmi-to-vga issue is exactly the same as this one.  So maybe the solution for that could be rolled into this thread.  That is another oversight that is quite annoying.  Obviously Lenovo knew about it though, because of the proprietary adapter they sell.


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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-02-27, 21:11 PM
As a OP, I have not chosen any post as "Solution". How come right before Mark's post, there's a post as "Accepted Solution" ?
This is dictatorship.
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