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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-01-11, 13:15 PM

this is a peer to peer help forum, if you don't agree with someone it does not mean he is a troll.

I like to see the issue fixed but I am sure some do not care about it all.


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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-01-11, 13:25 PM

I have been closely monitoring the situation both on Lenovo's and TabletPCReview's forums and share the same excitement and disappointment for the ThinkPad Tablet 2 product release. That being said, I would like to urge the community to take a step back and give Lenovo a chance to sort things out. The Lenovo's post a few days ago (http://blog.lenovo.com/products/8-cool-things-about-the-thinkpad-tablet-2) leads me to believe that Lenovo did not intend for the USB power issue to happen. This is good news, as it shows that Lenovo is not backtracking but sticking with their original statement. Mark_Lenovo's response also hint that the problem was unexpected.


To understand the situation and to ease the tension, I wish to offer insight from a company's perspective. There is a trade-off between release early and late (and shades of grey in-between). On one hand, people are very agitated prior to release (see http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-slate-tablets/Thinkpad-Tablet-2-delayed-until-December-18/td-p/921519). Each passing day is a lost opportunity in a very fast and competitive market. On the other hand, releasing too early, and you may rush quality control and get unintended issues.


So what is optimal here for a company in order to optimize both customer satisfaction and profit? Personal experience taught me that companies release okayish software only to patch it as time goes on. You can easily see this trend in recent games and OEMs. Indeed, as the internet has become faster, more accessible and reliable, companies began to depend on this distribution method to distribute patches, effectively getting more time for software development while not impacting release date. This in turn lead me to believe that most of the issues we face are driver issues rather than hardware (and if it is a hardware issue, I am confident that Lenovo would provide proper support while one's device is under the one-year warranty).


As a consumer, we are fully entitled to expect good support, service, and products. That being said, collaboration and mutual understanding between the company and the consumer will ease tension, facilitate support, and lead to an overall better experience for both sides. Companies such as Lenovo are quite huge: it takes time to test, to file for diagnosis, to coordinate action (between salesman, social media representatives, engineers, industrial designers), etc. Again, I urge you to give Lenovo a chance to sort things out and come out with a proper answer and course of action.


@Mark_Lenovo, we really do appreciate your follow-up on this issue and hope to hear from you soon. We all share great enthusiasm for the ThinkPad Tablet 2.


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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-01-11, 16:59 PM

I have to agree with Wang030, I am in no way stating that Lenovo does not have many faults...  But...


This is a very new product and as such all those of us that purchased the TPT2 (or any other new Windows 8 clover trail) tablets are on the bleeding edge (and many of us are bleeding).   When I decided to go with a Win8 tablet I knew that I was going to experience problems from both the OS and device, if I was unwilling to deal with them, I would have waited 6 months to a year for the manufacturers to sort out all the issues from a newly developed OS and product.  


Before the TPT2 I purchased and used the W510 for about a month and can say that it had it's own share of problems.  The keyboard dock trackpad issue, which would have required me to ship the entire unit, keyboard and tablet back to Acer to resolve (they even insisted that I pay for the shipping) with the shipping/repair process taking 2-3 weeks.   The Acer forums are full of problems and complaints, so It's not just the Lenovo.   I have not had a need to follow any of the Dell, HP or Asus discussions, but I would imagine that their users are going to similar issues.


Concerning the USB issue I am encouraged that Lenovo seems to be troubleshooting and hopefully release a fix in the not to near future.  This tells me that Lenovo is willing to realize their errors and try to resolve them.


One note, I saw the video of the unboxing, and have to say that my unit must have been one of the first to leave the factory, because mine did not come in the fancy box, both the inner and out boxes were plain corrogated boxes. :)




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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-01-11, 17:50 PM
Lenovo has had at least one year to test this product, plus they delayed the roll out almost 2 months. They had plenty of time to test the USB port and other issues. Windows 8 software issues are understandable, but not hardware. If they want to use us as lab rats to test their equipment they can refund our money, let us keep them and use our valuable time to provide feedback. If not then dont release the product or expect to receive appropriate backlash and legal threats.

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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-01-12, 18:24 PM

i really wanted to like this tablet, and i have an x220t (problem with cpu fan, hopefully will be fixed soon) and tpt1 (fixed power buttons). i was in the hopes that a rock solid windows 8 tablet would be released. but this does not seem like it is it.

i read problems about wake/sleep and usb devices,


i wonder how well the build quality is gonna last. this time i plan on waiting a few more months before making the purchase.

gonna get a pen enabled win8 pro tablet with atom cpu for the max battery life possible.

wanted the thinkpad 2 to be it, so my collection would look complete lol. but as is, lenovo will have to wait before they get my money on this one... or ever....


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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-01-13, 6:46 AM

Couldn't Lenovo atleast accept their fault or confrim the flaw ?

It is a one day job to find out the TPT2 has this problem, even if their support team cointains of only one person.


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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-01-13, 13:45 PM
I agree, they should at least tell us if its fixable or if its released as intended. Will they accept returns after the return window due to this? I doubt it. What about those of us who bought from newegg or amazon?

At this point I know it won't be fixed tomorrow, all I'm asking is for some concrete information to base my decision to keep it or return it. I envy you guys who don't have to stress blowing $700.

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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-01-15, 2:54 AM

After myself owning a TP1 and selling it, I have no idea why you would buy the TP2!! Based on all the forum threads that are active now, it seems NOTHING has changed since TP1 FAILURE. Same shipping and hardware problems from the start.


Many artists bought the TP1 for pen input, only to be bottlenecked by slow OTA updates and easily breakable power button/micro usb! It seems that history is repeating itself with the TP2's current issues! 



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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-01-15, 3:52 AM
Dear Lenovo staff,

How is this problem solving?

Yours Sincerely Custom


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Re: TPT2 has USB port power issue

2013-01-15, 12:21 PM
I'm willing to order a TPT2 with all accessories. But I'll wait for a fix for this USB issue before.

@Lenovo: Will this USB problem be fixed? If yes, also for already shipped devices?
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