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Tethering TpT by Wifi to Rooted Android Phone (Samsung Droid Charge)

I am successfully tething my ThinkPad Tablet 1838 to my Samsung Droid Charge* using the "Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether" ver. 2011.12.06.3 by SVTP.  I can also tether my Lenovo Thinkpad notebook running Windows 7 Pro (64-bit). Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether costs Ten Bucks at the Android Market. Smiley Mad


I am *not* able to tether successfully using the free "Wifi Tether" ( ver. 3.1 (Beta 7) or its previous incarnation "Wireless Tether" ver. 2.0.7 (the last stable release). Both give me only an Ad Hoc network, even though they're supposed to be creating an Infrastructure network


For reasons that I don't begin to understand, a non-rooted ThinkPad Tablet cannot connect to an Ad Hoc network. At least that's what my results have been and that's what many threads here and elsewhere in the Great Intertube have said. 


The weird thing is... when I use Wifi Tether to tether my Thinkpad Notebook, it does not see the network as Ad Hoc and neither does my iPad 2 (which, like the TPT, won't connect to an Ad Hoc network). Only my TPT sees it as Ad HocSmiley Surprised


The features of Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether are not as robust as for Wifi Tether. Both give you WPA security, but only the latter also gives you MAC address access control, adjustable timers to drop the network after a period of inactivity, the ability to turn down signal strength on your wifi transmitting power, etc. If I could make Wifi Tether work, I'd rather use it. As of now, I've already paid $10 for Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether, so since it works, I'll use it. But I'd stil prefer Wifi Tether's features (and price) if it would only work. 


Does anyone have a guess why the TPT sees the network created by Wifi Tether to be Ad Hoc, but other devices don't?



* Samsung Droid Charge

 - OS:  Gummy Charged GBE 2.1

 - Firmware 2.3.4

 - Baseband i510.06 V.EP1 and SCH-I510.EP1

 - Kernal

 - Build SCH-I510.EP1

Paper Tape
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Re: Tethering TpT by Wifi to Rooted Android Phone (Samsung Droid Charge)

Has anyone figured this out? I'm having the same issues. Motorola Photon 4G wifi works with my laptop but not with my TPT!?


The TPT won't recognize the wifi transmitted by my phone but the laptop does. 

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Re: Tethering TpT by Wifi to Rooted Android Phone (Samsung Droid Charge)

I tether to my rooted Evo all the time. I just added the device (TPT) as authorized and connected via the new Wifi access point. Never any problem.

What part of the process is failing for you?
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Re: Tethering TpT by Wifi to Rooted Android Phone (Samsung Droid Charge)

[ Edited ]

Android tablets will not connect to an ad-hoc network. this is not a TPT-specific issue. And ICS's new adhoc-like connection scheme does not address it, from what I can tell. You need a phone that uses infrastructure mode in its WiFi hotspot functionality.


If you root your tablet, it may be possible to fix this; I don't remember the exact details, but it is something about replaceing wpa_supplicant, and I think you need root for this. ( (one page on the matter, I have no faith it will work on a non-rooted TPT) ) I think ASUS or one of the other manufacturers actually enabled this one their products.


This is a long-standing issue with google. ( ) They have not fixed it and have not even commented on why they don't allow it. Is it IP infringement? Something else? No one seems to know. iPads connect to adhoc points fine, though.


The chances of Lenovo trying to help, even in the next ICS ROM, are near zero, best I can figure.


@pghFL, is your phone not using infrastructure mode?

¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸ Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 1838CTO (not rooted, from Lenovo Direct Japan); WiFi-only model (w/ Galaxy Note LTE as tether); 64GB system memory with Transcend 64GB Class 10 SDXC card; ThinkPadTablet_A310_02_0039_0090_JP rom; GPS works (slowly) after 2012/04 return (power button had broke); Camera will not focus. (note: I have not re-tested these since the ICS update 2012/06/21) ¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸

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