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ThinkPad Tablet 10 (TPT10): USB power issue

Could it be that the USB port of the TPT10 is even more underpowered than that of the TPT2 ???


On the TPT2 I was able to connect and even slowly charge my HTC HD2, but on the TPT10 the USB connection permanently drops out, as long as the phone is not fully charged before plugging it in.


As said it's the same phone and the same cable. It works on TPT2 but not on TPT10.


How can it be, that after experiencing this issue on the TPT2 someone could build a successor device, not avoiding the issue, but making it worse????? :smileymad: :smileylol: :smileyvery-happy: :smileyfrustrated:


Apart from this and my other unsolved issues


Wacom stylus driver gets lost quite regularly.

(Un)Docking crashes Realtek Audio-Manager

Redocking does not always reactivate HDMI out


I'm sort of happy with it Smiley Happy


But one thing I'd like to propose.

I guess the bottom ports (dock & keyboard) could provide some extra power, so there would be the possibility to draw some juice from there via a dedicated adapter that could magnetically click and could either provide a decently powerded USB3.0 port or a Y-cable like solution to boost the already available USB2.0 port.


I had proposed a similar adapter for the TPT2, but no one picked up on this Smiley Sad Hopefully someone will do on this one.


Has anybody got some datasheets for those bottom ports?

What's DOS?
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Re: ThinkPad Tablet 10 (TPT10): USB power issue



You hit it on the nail! I too own both the TPT2 and TPT10 and find that the USB port on the TPT10 is indeed weaker than the one on the TPT2. I was able to use some external USB drives with the TPT2; however, I have not had any success with the TPT 10 so far.


I love the speed and form factor improvements of the TPT10 over the TPT2. However, I do prefer the USB charging in the TPT2 over the proprietary charging on the TPT10. The USB charging is much more convenient and versatile.


I like your proposal on a USB wire via the docking port. Lenovo may even able to make it USB 3.0.

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