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Thinkpad X1 Tablet 3rd Gen - Touchscreen is unresponsive when device is used sideways & case issues

Hello world,


I'm a user of a Thinkpad X1 Tablet 3rd Gen that i recently acquired during last year's Black Friday, and i have some issues with it.


Some context is needed, i use this tablet to consume media while lying in bed, or on a couch, quite a lot. 


The issue i'm having is that the touchscreen would be unresponsive at random intervals if i have the tablet in "Orientation Lock" and hold it sideway to consume media. Related to that, is the touchscreen would be responsive if i were to hold the tablet screen-towards-ground while lying on the bed. Essentially, the touchscreen likes to disables it self randomly whenever it is used in any orientation other than up-right.


My solution so far is to hold the tablet at an up-right position again, then the touchscreen would reanble itself and work normally.


My next issue is with the ThinkPad X1 Tablet 3rd Gen Protector case having cracks at its hinge mechanism after only ~2 weeks of usage (delivery date was 28/12/2018).  I have attached a file that would aid in visual representation.

2019-01-10 02.33.40.jpg

















I have consulted this URL below:

The item in question has its warranty listed as "Warranty from vendor ". This confuses me a little bit as i do not understand whenether i get warranty or not, or how long, from Lenovo.


If Lenovo staff or the community would help me out solving some of my issues, i would be oblidged to thank you as Canadian custom (and the Queen, she's scary) demands me to.

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Tablet 3rd Gen - Touchscreen is unresponsive when device is used sideways & case

I Can't give you an answer, I just made a purchase of the tablet. How long did it took you to receive your tablet? I'm still waiting after 10 days. The status hasn't changed.


I bought the protective case too, right now its sitting empty and looking pretty.


But, my thought is since it is sold by Lenovo, I would think under consumer rights Lenovo should replace it if its within certain number of days no?





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