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Punch Card
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Unexpectedly useful apps.

While I'm waiting for the answer to my battery/HD question.

I have to plan out my budget for apps. Now there are the obvious apps that I plan on getting, things like a note taker ( or several ) like OneNote, but there are apps out there that I would not have thought of buying, butare simply a big plus.


As an example I would never think that a remote control app is something I want -- it actually seems frivolous several hundreds of dollafrs for a device that replaces my remote! But once I've got a tablet the sitruation changes. An apps so that I don't have stop doing stuff to find the remote makes sense.


So what are the apps that you never dreamed you would get until you actually got them?


Punch Card
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Re: Unexpectedly useful apps.

Quill / Evernote combination is an absolute killer combination Smiley Happy I never though I would surrender my life to evernote, until I got completely addicted.


OurGroceries for me and the wife


BubbleUPNP to remote control the growing number of DLNA devices in the house


That's it from me! Looking forward to hear from others Smiley Happy

Punch Card
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Re: Unexpectedly useful apps.

I'm a Quill lover and supporter, but begrudgingly have to admit that I use Lecture Notes more often.

Token Ring
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Re: Unexpectedly useful apps.

5 Apps are all you need:


1. Quill

2. MyScript Stylus - to use the pen almost anywhere where text input is required

3. ezPDF - To annotate on PDFs

4. Evernote

5. Astro File Manager


If you go to

Go to the section of "ThinkPad Tablet Apps", you'll see lots of goodies and recommendations there.  There is one long post back in December (or November) of last year by one of their members Physh giving a good starting point for any noobie.


My 2c



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