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Unresponsive Pen?

2011-10-13, 3:27 AM

I was taking notes during a seminar last week and noticed that on the bundled Notes App, there were certain areas of the screen (middle left) where the pen just wouldnt respond at times. I would try a few times and then it would finally take the input, wondering if anyone else is having similar issues. I downloaded the WritePad application and it seems to be better there, also downladed Quill and saw that it was having similar issues so I'm wondering if its app related or hardware related. I'd love for the pen to start inking immediately as I start drawing, not start well after the stroke has begun.


Also note I have installed the Military Shield on the ThinkPad so not sure if this might have something to do with it also.


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Re: Unresponsive Pen?

2011-10-13, 6:29 AM

I've seen the same thing (for me - a right hander - it normally shows up on the middle right side of the screen).  To me it seems like the palm rejection in the note app is the problem.


I was able to get around this by placing a small cloth (the one I use for wiping the screen) under the heel of my hand while writing... since it is a capacitive screen, the cloth hides the palm and seems to make the pen behave better.



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Re: Unresponsive Pen?

2011-10-13, 13:55 PM
In portrait, with the power button top right, I have this problem in the top right corner

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Re: Unresponsive Pen?

2011-10-13, 14:20 PM
I have the exact same issue with my pen. I mainly use writepad, and have the issue in the middle of the screen on both the right and left. even if i wait it still won't ink unless i start invoking toward the top or bottom of the page and drag my pen to the middle. It is frustrating to constantly have to erase dots and lines just so I can continue talking notes. This often causes me to miss notes in my classes. I to am worried that this may be a hardware issue, but am glad to know that I am not alone.

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Re: Unresponsive Pen?

2011-10-13, 14:25 PM

I too, can confirm that i have this problem at times in different areas of the screen. At first I attributed it to possibly being hardware related and the digitizer haveing "dead-zones," but it didn't perform the same way across different apps.


Maybe it's a caching issue? Perhaps the way it stores strokes is tasking on the amount of memory? 


I know in other threads people have mentioned that there are different ways of storing the stroke (bitmaps versus vector).


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Re: Unresponsive Pen?

2011-10-13, 14:30 PM
Same here, no matter which application. Sometimes there's no response at all, have to try several times till it works again. Sometimes it takes hours of serious work without any problems. Wondered which of the many features/apps I use could cause it, wasn't quite sure if it was a hardware issue.

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Re: Unresponsive Pen?

2011-10-13, 17:06 PM

For unresponsive/hypersensitive pen strokes try removing the tip from the digitizer and resetting it. Make sure you twist the tip in after pushing it in place as perhaps uneven contact may be the culprit.


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Re: Unresponsive Pen?

2011-10-13, 20:01 PM

Take the screen cover off! I was having inconsistent response issues as well all over my screen. I sent the tablet in to get looked at. They coudlnt find any problems. I took the screen cover off and the problem is fixed! There must be some interferance caused by the screen covers. Until lenovo makes their own certified cover, I do not suggest using a screen cover from any other brand. We are just going to have to deal with the possibility of scratches. :smileysad:


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Re: Unresponsive Pen?

2011-10-14, 0:22 AM

I also have this issue too and I do not have a screen protector. It seems to happen across all apps. It'll work for hours and then the responsiveness gives out.


For example, in Calc today, I took notes for about 2 hours straight. Class took a break, I let the TPT sleep for 10-15 minutes while I read my kindle. And note, I had nothing else open or anything, I had just powered on the device at the beginning of class.


As soon as class resumed I started noticing unresponsiveness, I click around with some settings using my finger to get it to work again, this happened pretty much the last hour of class. I was able to resolve it mostly by having a cloth on the screen blocking my arm/hand from touching it and keeping the pen within an inch of the screen at all times. It still happened occasionally though and I'd have to touch various buttons to get it back.


It is not the screen protectors.


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Re: Unresponsive Pen?

2011-10-14, 13:54 PM

I have the same issue.  It stops inking after 3 pages of notes. Typically, I have to power down TPT to get it working again.  VERY frustrating!

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