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User changable/User swapable "hard drive"/battery?

'm thinking of getting a TPT and there were a couple of questions about it I would like to ask.

Not knowing much about tablets, I'm prettry sure that the answer for both for all iPads is "no", but reading some of the discussion it's not so clear for the TPT.


I would like to know if the battery  is user changable or swapable. I use the two terms to mean different things. By changable I mean something that might take some time. For example remove four screws then remove a panel. By swapable I mean 

pull out and put in a new one in seconds. For example. Pull a latch the battery pops out and you put in a new battery.


I would also like to know if the internal "hard drive"/flash/solid state disk is user replacable/swapable. Replacable would be very nice because flash technologies have a limited number of writes. After that the flash goes bad. If it is replacable the fhen the life of the tablet could be extended.


Swapable would be even cooler. I could pull the original card, use a reader and "dd" ( in linux ) to save an original image of the card. I could also get a second card, put a custom ROM on it, and when I want to use the custom ROM just swap out cards.


I've seen references to an internal PCIe bus, and to an internal SD card so it may well be a possibility.


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Re: User changable/User swapable "hard drive"/battery?

Maybe this can already help you.
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Punch Card
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Re: User changable/User swapable "hard drive"/battery?

I haven't had the opportunity to completely tear down that site. I have managed to go over the site fairly well and it answers some questions andraises others.


First the battery. The video whows it is clearly not swapable, but a person with a general amount of technical expertise should be able to replace it (even though they say a technician should do it). The question is, is the battery available to the general user?


As for the "internal hard drive". My first guess is that it is soldered on the main board, but I have to wonder if there is a slot for an external  SD Card   and am internal hard drive or if the only persistent storage is on a single SD card slot?


The reason I ask is that though the SD card is simple enough to replace it is described as a FRU-- ie should be replaced by a field tech. So is that the internal SD card and there is no other storage you can use? Or is just some weird idea of what FRU is by Lenovo?




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