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Blue Screen Again
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Very disappointing with x1 tablet and Lenovo support.

I purchased a lenovo x1 tablet in 2016 Jun 28th. and I have used it until August. Then the camera went dead and the board released a significant heat.


I sent it to the technician who works for lenovo in my campus(I am a college student at University of Waterloo) and he said there is a short circuit around the camera board and they must to be replaced. it took one month for him to wait for the replacement parts ,however,after he replaced the camera and all other parts he thougt was necessary, the issue still occured 3 days later.


He suggested me not to use this tablet and send it to lenovo because they have beter environment to fix this machine(haha).It turns out they didnt.I attached a card of this technician in the box,hope the people at lenovo could contact him for the details of this issue.And nobody contact him. after two weeks they sent this machine back and it seems they replace exact same parts as my campus technian did.Then I got 3 or 4 times of Blue screen during an one hour lecture when i using this machine.  My campus techinician asked me to send it directly to lenovo support, because he does not have the confidence to fix this issue machine.And I sent it one and half month ago.


Through all this time,I have called lenovo support uncountable times. All the answer I got is "We are waiting for parts". 


So,conclusion, I contact support from lenovo only(I didnt find any other third party support),and I believe they can solve the problem as they promise(The first supporter from the phone even said the computer should be fix within 2 weeks.) And now have owing this device for 10 month,AND the real time i am using it is less than two month,AND i still dont know when this machine will be sent back due to this "Lack of parts".


And the worst part, i dont even know how can I conplain about this. Every time I told the supporters on the phone for tranfering me to the conplaint center,they just repeat the "solutiuon" they "think will work"


Luckly, I still have a old macbook so my study is not affected.But for those who spend 2000 bucks buying this machine,and during the first year the total time spend on replaring is about 8 month.Something is very wrong.


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Re: Very disappointing with x1 tablet and Lenovo support.

It takes forever for Lenovo to service X1 tablets, apparently, I can add my two cents onto this thread since I have had similar issues with my X1 unit to the OP. 


My unit (bought in November 2016) had the exact same problems with the cameras, and not too long after that problem developed....tablet failed to turn on, dead as a doorstop. It took me little under a month to receive the main unit back from EasyServ after sending it in (had a hold for parts during that time}... minus a functional keyboard module, which was diagnosed as broken at the depot, and, yup, no longer functions properly, despite it was working perfectly before the unit decided to die a quick and sudden death. 


I still haven't recieved a replacement keyboard module nearly another month later..the long wait was not implied by the form letter the depot in Memphis sent with the repaired tablet that said "Your CRU part is still covered under warranty and a replacement part has been ordered and shipped to you."  So I type right now from an incredibly cheap and tiny Bluetooth keyboard that I bought for my Samsung Galaxy Tab (designed for an 8-in tablet), a USB wireless mouse, and have used my X1 very sparingly since getting it back from the depot as this combination is hell on my hands after awhile. Which is annoying, because I bought this unit to take my notes in college and while travelling on business with, with the past experiences that ThinkPad keyboards are comfortable and take considerable effort to break.... Smiley Sad Smiley Sad Smiley Sad


Conclusion: Carefully buy the 20GG model of X1 Tablet, it might not make it out of warranty without breaking at least once. Until Lenovo gets better QA and customer service than their competitors (Samsung, ASUS, Microsoft, among others), I will be avoiding buying anymore ThinkPad Tablets. Which is a shame, as I have owned X Tablets since the X200T, but, if I can't buy a computer with professional quality QA and customer service....I have to find a company that will offer that to me. 

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