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Wacom Driver incompatible with Graphics Driver 1177

This has been an ongoing problem for me, where some of the Intel drivers work with the Wacom Pen-Enabled / Feel drivers and some, well, don't. This is also well documented in other forums as affecting other Wacom driven tablet computers. Based on a request by gcoupe, I'm posting the issue here.


Problem: Cursor behaves erractically in applications that require a WinTab driver. Erratic means that in some cases, regardless of where the wacom pen is in relation to the screen, the cursor is restricted to a portion of the display. (Ironically, this is a "feature" of Wacom's "normal" tablet line, and can be set dynamically in the control panel for those products). Erratic also includes an inversion of the X or Y axis, so when attempting to use the pen, the cursor appears in the opposite portion of the screen, and moves inversely to the pen. (This specific behavior has been observed in other driver / Pen-Enabled combinations in other forums).  The behavior is not consistent.


When presents: When either the Lenovo WinTab driver, released in January 2014, or the Wacom Feel driver, released in May and updated in October 2013, is present on the Tablet AND using Intel Graphics Driver .1177. (Note, previously occurred with .1167 but not .1166 or .1160). Problem only appears in software that requires WinTab for pressure sensitivity for the pen. I.e. Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Applications that use the Microsoft native "Ink" driver, including Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, ArtRage, and Manga Studio Pro (which oddly gives the option of choosing which driver to use) are unaffected.


Workaround: Install the Lenovo branded Intel Graphics Driver .1176, released in January 2014.


Other options: Pray that Lenovo can convince Wacom to give Pen-Enabled / Feel devices the same driver as Wacom branded tablets, rather than the also-ran driver that is currently in use. Apparently, the Feel and Intuos drivers are on completely different development tracks.


If anyone else has an idea for a fix, let me know.

Jonathan Becker
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