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Paper Tape
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Water Damage???

I've been using my Thankpad Tablet since December and I love it, until now.  Last week while at work the device would not boot up. It would go through the process but then shutdown just before going to the wallpaper.  I called technical support and they were very nice. I was told I would have to send it in for service and it was under warranty, so that's what I did.


Today I received a message telling me that after looking over my tablet they determined that the system board needed to be replaced, however there was a problem with the usb port and that was not covered under warranty and they could fix it for $750. I could not believe what I was hearing, I didn't even pay that much for the device.  When I called back they told me that water had gotten into the machine and that caused the damage to the system board. I work in an office, sometimes going to jobsites, I do not understand how water got inside. Is this a downfall of the usb port? Has anyone else had this problem? This is supposed to be a business machine!!


Is there anyone out there that can help me understand?



Punch Card
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Re: Water Damage???

Your not the first customer who has had that price listed for fixing the USB port. The lenovo staff have been telling people to pm the case and machine number to them. Starting to sound like the repair shops are ripping people off.

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