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Paper Tape
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X1 tablet (3rd gen) with third-party USB C charger



Does anyone try to charge X1 tablet (3rd gen) with a third-party USB C charger?


I recently bought a Aukey USB C charger (USB C + 2USB A, 60W PD3 on type C, ) which support 20V3A output. When I connected to my X1 tablet, there was an error message "the power is not enough and can only charge the computer when it is in sleep mode or off". However, when I connected it to X1 Carbon 2018, it charged well and the charger is recognized as a 72W USB-C charger.


Do you use a third-party charger? Does any model work with X1 tablet 3rd gen?





Fanfold Paper
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Re: X1 tablet (3rd gen) with third-party USB C charger

My experience is this tablet is very finnicky with what it will allow to charge it. The only consistent charger beyond the included one I have found to work is the Dell 9370 charger. Oddly is is only a 45 watt charger yet still works!

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 tablet (3rd gen) with third-party USB C charger

Used the Dell PW7018LC Powerbank and it started bugging out by disconnecting and reconnecting the USB device and flashing a message saying there was not enough power to charge.  It worked fine for a little. It's almost like the computer is rejecting it now.  I will try the Lenovo power bank and see what happens.  

Punch Card
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Re: X1 tablet (3rd gen) with third-party USB C charger

I've had good luck with this similar Aukey charger:  AUKEY USB C Charger, 74.5W.  It easily runs and charges my X1T3 and my X1Y3 (X1 Yoga 3rd Gen).


My model is 46W Power Delivery (PD), and the model the original poster (OP) referenced is 60W PD, so it's strange that the OP's unit isn't working.  


When it comes to PD, make sure you're using a high-quality USB-C cable.  Using a USB-C PD conversation "sniffer" I've seen substandard cables get nogtiatied down to lower power PD profiles.  Make sure your USB-C cable supports the PD power profile your device needs.



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