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best method to upgrade a ThinkPad tablet

After participating on these forums for a few weeks, I finally take a decision and will buy a ThinkPad tablet. Will wait some weeks yet to avoid old stock if possible (i.e., devices with USB/power-up button design flaws) and order a 64 GB tablet with a folio keyboard case.


As a first task, I would like to upgrade the tablet operating system to latest OTA (I guess it will be 2.5 at that time) and battery firmware. I see there are two supported upgrade methods:


  1. Using the Android operating system itself to perform the software upgrade, as described in pages 68 and 69 of the ThinkPad tablet's User Guide.
  2. Manually installing the software updates from an SD card, as described in the Instructions: How to manually install updates and fix stucked builds thread, starting at the first missing OTA and repeating the process until the most updated one is installed on the tablet.

What is the preferred upgrading method? I think that (1) is the most usual choice but (2) looks safer to me, as this update is done without Android being running. I usually do not like a lot upgrading live systems if off-line upgrading methods are available. I do not want to root this device either, so it is not a concern when making this decision.

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Re: best method to upgrade a ThinkPad tablet

OTA is fine, don't loose sleep over it
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Re: best method to upgrade a ThinkPad tablet

[ Edited ]

What is the preferred upgrading method?


Whichever is easier for me in this case. There are times when being overly proactive is nothing but a waste of time. OTOH, I wouldn't use a Windows app to upgrade a motherboard's BIOS.

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Re: best method to upgrade a ThinkPad tablet


Hello mtalinm and ameridian.


Thank you very much for the feedback on this matter, I really appreciate it.  I will probably use Android to upgrade the operating system itself instead of manually installing the updates, as it is possibly the most usual method, if no one thinks on a different way. Both methods are easy to follow, so I have no real preferences for one of them.


Ameridian, I fully agree with you about not upgrading a motherboard's BIOS using Windows. There are too many software layers ready to fail when upgrading a firmware using this operating system, and too many applications that may be running and can impact the upgrade process. It is much better booting from a diskette or CD-ROM image with a simple and well-tested upgrading environment on it consisting only on a simple DOS-like operating system, a driver, a flashing tool and the firmware image itself. This is what worried me about using Android to upgrade the operating system instead of booting from the tablet's firmware and using an SD card, but after reading your comments, and considering that it will be a mostly default set up (I plan to configure network access only to get the zip files with the upgrades), it should be safe.


Of course, if someone thinks on a different way I will really like to know. I think that using Android should be safe enough, but fear a forced close while upgrading, so perhaps someone thinks that using an SD card when upgrading is safer.

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