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getting real

2012-09-04, 22:20 PM
People, we had a gnote thread but the mod locked it. I have spent the last hour looking at gnote fora and have come to the following conclusion ... they are populated by the same whiners that lurk around on this forum. There were gnote complaints about after sales service, water damage, ota updates that did not apply, etc. In fact all the same whines you find on this forum - except this time they were about the gnote. Every device has fanboys and haters ... but what really p1sses me off is when some nobody posts to a vendor moderated forum and with a shrug tries to shame the vendor into a product fix with words like "would have expected better ... could have been a great device". This is partially because of the hubris it assumes on the part of the author but mainly because of the plain naive assumption that anyone that matters in Lenovo is listening and cares. Does anyone really think big companies care? Does anyone think big chinese (oh, doh yeah, lenovo IS chinese), the companies care any better? Lenovo is like any other large consumer company (think sony, sprint, or amazon) they offer the sort of moronic after sales service that is so bad it deters people using it. If the hardware store or the tv store in the town i grew up in in the 70's offered that service they would have either been beaten with rakes or gone bust.

So fanboys or haters, you bought what you bought, like it or love it just live with it, and for goodness sake get real and stop making fools of yourselves on this forum trying to shame/nudge/blackmail lenovo into fixing your little complaint. They ain't listening....... oh and the same goes for the whiners on the gnote forum.

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Re: getting real

2012-09-04, 22:36 PM

A bit blunt, your probably going to get all sorts of flames but overall I agree with you.  This was not a perfect device and had some issues but all and all I feel I got what I paid for.  I did not have many of the issues that seem to plague other users or perhaps I was more realistic with my expectaions.


My power button did break but fortunatly it broke when turning the device on. I phoned the local vendor and attached the forum posts on the subject.  he orderd the part and fixed in in an hour.  so all and all I have enjoyed my device.


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Re: getting real

2012-09-05, 0:11 AM

Although this is a Chinese owned company, I cannot justify not speaking my mind on something they sell...


Show me the rules that says I cannot whine about anything I didn't really expect from a Lenovo Product.  Are you telling me that when you buy your car you buy it expecting that you'll blow your engine within a year.  God, or whoever you believe in, forbids it, but assume your family is with you when that happens.  Will you stay quite about it and just accept it?  I sure will not...


Now with the matter if they really care... Uhmn... I don't know, Apple seems to care about after sales satisfaction and they really ensure that you get a quality product from the beginning.  I believe the TPT was really a small market and probably it didn't have the effect Lenovo wanted; taking into consideration it only sold around 30K units in the US.  But I think Lenovo generally cares to retain a good brandname.


Now, not because Lenovo is not really listening (which I don't think they ignoring us) it doesn't mean we will no present our dissatisfaction to them[too many double negatives, sorry].  We need to present our frustration to somebody, that includes your wife, your kids, your co-workers (and all these cannot do jack about your issues) so of course we will complain to the manufacturer, whether they are listening or not, with the hope that they do.  Again, it is my right to have hope and say whatever I want [within the rules, which again, I haven't seen...]


Now, the introduction of the Gnote, well... It's just the new thing going on right now, and if you are participating in a forum then I assume you are a somewhat tech fanatic.  I am; and anybody like me would like to try the newest and "best".  Hell, there are some of us that would like to own all of them if they could.  It just so happens that this new thing is called a GNote and it was made by a competitor.  Again, I cannot recall reading the rules, and if there are rules, I would probably guess there is no rule disallowing discussions and comparisons of the TPT to other brands...


This is a community and it was formed to express opinions relating to their products.  Comparing  one their products to another is by all mean within the scope of this community.  The same way you can compare this product to a Galaxy Tab and saying that the TPT is far superior, you should be allowed to mention another products having features that Lenovo seem to have missed in their products...


Just my 2c




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Re: getting real

2012-09-05, 0:23 AM

Please allow me this consecutive posting.


I just read the rules.  There are rules peeps... http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Welcome-FAQs/Lenovo-Community-Participation-Rules/m-p/1


And I quote, "Remember that the community is here to share collective experiences and wisdom, with the goal of all members enjoying greater success with their Lenovo products".  I guess we can rely on the first part "...share collective experiences..."  However, the issues were so prevalent, that we should really have a poll (Have you had issues with your power button? Have you had issues with your USB Port?", etc.  I know I've had them, so with the prevalency in consideration, it is really hard to share these experiences with the intention to make the life of other users more enjoyable...


Let me finish by saying that I am in no way saying that I was not happy with my beloved TPT.  It was really a nice product, I had issues here and there but the experience with their warranty service was relatively painless (you'll know what I'm talking about if you need to deal with Samsung or Dell, even HP is not as convenient as Lenovo).  However, I had this fear in my head, "When will my power button or USB will malfunction again???" Despite the fear, the TPT performed pretty well; and with a bit of more assurance I'd definitely would like to try their TPT2.




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Re: getting real

2012-09-05, 1:22 AM

Some irony in a whine about whiners perhaps?


I think the crux was that the TPT was released by a company that has a good reputation for producing quality portable computers. Like many on this forum, I've always used Thinkpads and they've always delivered. I didn't even notice any drop in quality after Lenovo took over from IBM ... if anything the range continues to improve.


So the TPT came as a bit of a disappointment for many of us. And those affected have a right to express that. Of course this should be done in a relatively productive way with the aim of seeking solutions ... but from time to time catharsis can be healthy. Sharing bad experiences can help others know what to look out for.


The same goes for customer service. The AU guys seem to be getting it right ... but this may not be the case elsewhere. Lenovo staff DO read this forum and a few people have recieved positive results from reporting lapses in service.


And naturally public forums will be full of skewed opinions. It's been that way for ever .... just read the letters page in any newspaper.


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Re: getting real

2012-09-05, 3:14 AM

Sorry, it's been a busy day, and this is my first chance to get back in here long enough to respond.  I'm the mod who locked the Gnote thread, and here's why: it had become purely a discussion of the Samsung Gnote which is not the focus of this board.


This is a Lenovo forum.  If you're unhappy with your Lenovo TPT, have at it.  I'm here to keep order, not to stop you.  As long as you keep it courteous and within the forum rules, you can even compare its features to the Gnote or any other device on the market, but Lenovo is not going to sponsor a forum solely for the discussion of other manufacturers' products.  If that's what you're looking for, here's an alternative: http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/


BTW, cut out the cursing and foul language.  It's offensive and not necessary to discuss the technical plusses or minuses of a piece of hardware.


Carry on.


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Re: getting real

2012-09-05, 4:26 AM
This forum isn't being used soley for the discussion for other manufacturers' product, so I think it would be okay. It only makes sense to talk about similar products here so that users can make an informed decision and see whether the problems presented are only with the Thinkpad Tablet.

Realistically, problems with the Thinkpad Tablet are present with the Galaxy Note as well, such as with the pen and inking issues. The N-trig stylus is more accurate as well, but yes, Wacom has a better user experience in other aspects.

Sometimes it might help to see if there are things that the Galaxy Note has that could be incorporated into the Thinkpad Tablet as well, since some features seem to be more software based, and yes, discussion is always good.

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Re: getting real

2012-09-05, 18:48 PM
Well said JaneL. We're just frustrated users and this forum is a good way to vent those frustrations. So we thank Lenovo for that.

That being said, I've gone to the dark side so I won't be on this forum much longer. It's been great and I've gotten lots of useful info here. I wish this device kept me longer and I was more motivated to share more things I've found useful. I was even going to start a wiki (a good idea if anyone wants to host one) to use this tablet and Android effectively. That was until this device drove me to utter despair with it's palm rejection issues.

It's true, we shouldn't get too carried away advertising the other products... Comparing, OK, bashing, well that goes back to the frustration thing, which falls on the hands of Lenovo...

So in the end, keep calm, and carry on!
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