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ThinkPad W530 gets "Plugged in but not charging" message


I got a brand new Thinkpad W530 and after a few days the battery is not getting charged and I get this error messsage:

Plugged in but not charging


Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this issue?



The above can addressed by making adjustments in your ThinkPad's Power Management Settings.


  1. From Start, go to Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools.
  2. Double click Power Control as showed in image below.


  3. In Power Manager,  navigate to top right and look for "Switch to:". Make sure you're at Advanced mode.
  4. If it is showing "BASIC" , click on it to switch to Advanced mode.


  5. Then click on the Battery tab and select Battery Maintenance Button.
  6. Select either of the two options: (a) Always fully charge (b) Custom charge threshold.

    battery maintenance.jpg

  7. If you select "Custom charge threshold, you have to set the percentage of when to start and stop charging.
  8. Then, click on OK to save your settings. You will start to see your battery getting charged again if it follows the mode as you have set.


Note: Power Manager software is not supported in Windows 8 because Microsoft has a very good feature to enable your power settings.


For more info about Lenovo software limitation, please check this out:

Application Software Limitations When Upgrading to Windows 8


Please note that for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users, Lenovo has removed the battery health function in settings dependency package to eliminate a potential "plugged in, not charging" message.


1.  Lenovo Settings Dependency Package 1.3 or later for Windows 8.1:



2.  The Battery Health Mode setting has been removed from Lenovo Settings.  When you install the latest version of the Lenovo Settings Dependency Package (, Battery Health Mode will become disabled and the setting will no longer be available to change within Lenovo Settings.  Your battery will always fully charge.




This Power plans: Frequently asked questions from Microsoft is also useful in understanding the power settings.

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