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1st Gen X1 Carbon 3443CTO and 2560x1440 Display

Hello All -


This seems like such a simple question, but there is a ton of disinformation online, which has been recently exaggerated by the displayport standard & cables that support 4K Smiley Sad I want to make sure my laptop can support the new 2K displays before I spend the money on them.


I have an X1 Carbon, and the mini displayport is marked as DP++, which means it supports dual-link displays, which means it supports up to 2560x1440. Which happens to be the resolution of the new 2K monitors I would like to buy.


Two Questions:


1) What cable do I need to go from my mini DP++ to the monitor's "dual-link DVI-D" connection? I've done a ton of searching, and this type of cable doesn't seem to exist.  There is so much information online about people paying $100 or more for active cables, but that's not supposed to be necessary if your laptop supports DP++.


2) I currently run 3x1080p displays just fine with my X1 by using the premium usb 3 dock (1x using the displayport, and 2x on the dock's DVI connections.  You think it can run 2x2K (2560x1440) displays?  Aggregate pixels for my current setup is little over 6M and the 2x2K displays would be a little over 7M. So it doesn't seem like all that large of a jump.


Thanks All,


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