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A Complaint to the Customer Relationship Unit and the Think Service Centre

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm a customer of the X60 notebook product. Yesterday (Jan 20) and today (Jan 21) I've been visiting twice the Think Service Centre in Quarry Bay in the hope of repairing a defective part on the casing.

The result has been that I was told that "the engineers" has talked with Ms Maggie xxxxx of the Customer Relationship Unit and they finally turned down my request, giving me the reason that the damage is due to ''improper use'' of the product. I was unsatisfied about the incomplete explanation and further chase Ms Maggie xxxxx, on a phone conversation, to answer why they are so sure i've been ''improperly using'' my laptop, but I was answered that I "might have exerted too much force to open the cover". I asked her to confirm whether she meant that "opening the laptop cover" is an "improper use" but she refused to answer me.

Thus, seeing that she refused all my requests for an explanation, I asked to talk to her supervisor to solve my issue, but she refused once again, insisting that it is the company's "internal policy" not to allow any customers to talk to the supervisors! I thus have no idea but can only assume she being the only person (or maybe together with the Think Service Centre, the support section, because Ms xxxxx claimed that such decision has been made by both parties in the telephone conversation) would take the whole responsibility for the Lenovo Corporation's opinion that my laptop is damaged due to "improper use" (but still without any explanation given at all).

I'm yet to see any proper answer from the Lenovo Corporation to the following:

1. Can you give me a proper explanation why the defect happening on my laptop cannot benefit from the warranty service?
2. Can I assume the decision that Maggie xxxxx's making is the same opinion that Lenovo is making as well?
3. Is it really the company's "internal policy" not to allow any customers to talk to the supervisors? If so, I doubt whether the company is trying her best to protect the rights of the customers should they need help while some staffs just cannot help.


Best Regards,
Kenny Yu.
(serial #: LV xxxxx)


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