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Access Connections Not working after Wifi Card change

2016-09-10, 18:03 PM

Access Connection problems ( after using it for 15 years successfully )

1) On my X250 Win7 Ultimate  my Access Connections will no longer allow new profiles nor work with old ones even if imported for same known SSIDs and network passwords after i had a Wifi card change ( combo bluetooth Wifi card ) . When i try to create an profile of a known SSID in Windows Zero config , even if i delete it in Windows Zero config , i cannot create profile that works . ie Access Connections allows me to navagate to the SSID and put in my network pw ( WPAs personal security) but when i try to apply the profile it hangs . I do not get the usual switch over to the new profile dialog box telling me it is switching over and sometimes get an IP conflict dialog warning from Windows

2) With imported prior profiles that i know work from prior card or even saved from current new Wifi card , i get loss and very slow recovery of internet connectivity even if i can connect with Windows zero config. I can only solve this slow recovery by deleting the profiles for all Wifi  on Access connections and resorting to only Windows configuration which doesnt have the flexibility of Access Connections

3) this occured despite Lenovo Atlanta Priority support uninstalling and resinstalling Lenovo power managment driver, hot key integration and Access Connections ( with and without old profiles ) as well as Wifi driver resinstall

4) i have to leave Access Connections in because my Sierra WAN card has the stored profile for my ATT account and i dont know how to turn on and off Sierra WAN without Access Connections ,

5) Currently despite hours of changing Wifi cards ( originally because of poor range detection - so have new Wifi antenna also) i can only run Access Connections with WAN and not have any old familiar Wif profiles for home ( WPA2 ) and cannot create new profiles .


Help !  I am going to try

1) putting back the original Wifi Card in casese problem is related to Mac Address change on the Wifi on Access Connections ?

2) would a system restore help if it is the registry  ?

3) If it is the network stack how do i fix this other than a dreaded re-image ? Very Painful because of  Bitlocked drive


thank you for any advice

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