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Another X1 Yoga overheating question

2018-10-08, 15:06 PM

Hi all,


I have a 3-week-old X1 Yoga (3rd Gen) and was hoping to touch base with others' experience to see if the temperatures I'm seeing from my new machine are normal or are cause for getting in touch with technical support.


A note in advance: I've been seeing these temperatures from Day 1, have updated to all the BIOS/Windows drivers that Windows itself and the Lenovo Vantage software push at me, and have already reset my Windows install earlier today. I am using Core Temp, the laptop is sat in normal clamshell form on a hardwood table and has no obstructions near the fan, and is plugged into the charger. (on "Better Performance" power usage setting). I have not tinkered with the BIOS settings manually.


The temperatures vary and tend to jump quickly anywhere between 44 C (minimum) and 99 C (maximum).

  • The mid 40s are where it stays if the computer is on and no or very basic apps are running in the background.
  • It hits mid 60s-mid 70s if I activate Firefox and let it sit there with a tab or two open in the foreground. This seems to be continuing range for "light use". For instance, as I type this, I am at 73 and have only two tabs open (both for this forum) in Firefox (syncronised). No additional apps open besides those in the background (SkyDrive, CoreTemp, and the usual Windows/Lenovo processes). Before I syncronised Firefox, and it was at its most basic post-install form, the temperature was at 65 or so.
    See screenshot for an example of this.

  • Mid 80s-Upper 90s become the primary range when the computer is doing actual work. For instance: turning on the computer and logging into Windows, as all the processes start launching; downloading Firefox for the first time and telling it to synchonize with my account across all the extensions/cookies/bookmarks/etc.; opening numerous ordinary applications in the foreground concurrently (like Microsoft store, a folder, an image from the folder, while Firefox is in the foreground behind them).
    See screenshot 2 for this.

I'm also including a copy of the Register dump that Core Temp allows for a download.


I gather that there is a strong correlation between the temperatures and the voltage being fed to the CPU, such that:

  • sub-1v (hard to get a screen of that because the laptop really needs to not be doing much/anything) -> mid 40s-high 60s
  • ~1.00-1.02v -> mid 70s
  • ~1.4v -> upper 90s


Again, this is literally an hour after resetting Windows and re-updating all drivers, on my less-than-a-month-old X1 Yoga.


So...is this normal or should I seek hardware support before things start getting damaged from the heat?


Many thanks in advance!


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Re: Another X1 Yoga overheating question

2018-12-06, 9:55 AM

I have a 3 week old X1Y3 that is also seeing high temps. My temps seem to follow  a different pattern, though. The lowest I've ever seen mine is 78°. If I use several applications, run a game, a benchmark, etc the temp will quickly rise up to 88° or 89° and then quickly drop back down to a 79/80. It's as is the laptop thinks it doesn't need to be any cooler than that, ever.

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