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Are my FN buttons NOT working?

I have 5th gen X1.  I noticed a few Function buttons that do not work.  I compared to my work Lenovo T470 laptop to see if the is consistency.


F4 = mic does not mute.  But I believe you have to be in skype or something that utilizes mic to control it.

F7 = Does not project screen, even when connected to tv via HDMI.  On my work Lenovo laptop, when I press F7, it shows options for "PC screen only", "Duplicate", "Extend", or "Second screen only".  On my X1 laptop, nothing happens when I press this, even with cable connected.

F8 = supposed to turn off wifi.  Nothing happens.

F9 = not sure what this is.  Nothing happens.

F10 = supposed to turn off bluetooth.  Nothing happens.

F11 = keyboard manager.  Nothing happens.  This works on my work Lenovo laptop but not my X1.

F12 = not sure what this is.  Nothing happens.


Is this normal or do I need to send it in?  (not sure why F4, F7 and F11 works on the T470 but not on the X1)

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