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Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Battery life for x300

I only have ONE QUESTION remaining, about Point 2 :
Assuming the surge in AC supply is 100% reliable, Is it a good idea FOR THE BATTERY LIFE, to remove it when you work with AC supply ??  There was no conclusion on this debate between your post and the comments.

It does not harm or reduce battery life to leave the battery installed while on AC power. I'm assuming that you use the computer on battery power regularly are not storing the battery long term.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Battery life for x300

I've been really disappointed with the battery life from my six cell X300. It seems similar to my T60 (2.2Ghz/3GB/200GB 7.2k drive) which has the extra life battery which sticks out the back (9 cell?). I used an X61t whilst away recently and the battery life was amazing (at least 6 hours, sometimes 8), considering the X300 has a slower CPU and SSD this is pretty disappointing. Its interesting, as Lenovo are saying the X300 is super green, so maybe the batteries are not great due the size/packaging of the battery pack.  
The X300 seems to do about 2.5 to 3 hours max in real world usage (no WiFi, but high brightness screen, full power save settings, but constant use). I was going to replace/warranty the battery, but it looks like my experiences are fairly typical reading other posts. Great laptop, but this one area is really disappointing. Can't see how you would get to 10 hours with the extra 3 cell in the bay, certainly the battery life for the X61 seemed close to quoted figures.
All the reviews I read would indicate reviewers are getting longer battery life, I've seen 4 hours light use quoted for the three cell. What everyone's elses experiences?
Paper Tape
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Re: Battery life for x300

I have the 6 cell battery and find with the wireless switch turned on the battery life is significantly less then my Sony TX. I too was surprised and expected better of the low power requirements of the x300. On my last flight I turned off the wireless switch on the back of the system off and found this really increased my battery time, even with the DVD being used for over 2 hours of the cross country flight.
I was ready to buy the 3 cell ultrabay battery for this use but I think I will wait until after my Boston-San Diego flight next week to confirm battery life again with the wireless switch off. 
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Battery life for x300

Thanks for the tip Gary. I always turn off the wireless through the Thinkpad soft tool. I'll give the switch a try to see if it helps on my next flight (that doesn't have AC power! I hate those old planes).
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Paper Tape
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Re: Battery life for x300

Having had a T40 P1.6m for nearly 5 years and it having lasted amazingly, including battery life, I bought my X300 for $3000 with glee.  They didnt supply the 6cell as asked but luckily Id ordered the bay battery

Its madness first of all that you have to use a screwdriver to undo the CDROM and swap it (with the T40 5 years ago its just a little handle for hot swap!)  but that aside, with 6 cells I'm struggling to get 4 hours even with all the settings on low, apart from the screen.

Its a huge disappointment; the SSD not only isnt much faster than a fast regular HD but doesnt seem to affect battery life that much.

Im so disappointed that I'm considering selling the X300, as at 1.2ghz its no faster than my 5 years old 1.6ghz Pentium M single core.

I might invest 48 hours of my life to try XP or Ubuntu to see if that speeds things up but I cant see how it will help the battery life.  A big big disappointment indeed.

Even today, after just 2 battery replacements, my 9 cell on the T69 gets me 4 hours+ and got 6 hours when new; and thats with its gorgeous 14.1" 1400x1050 res sreen.

Thats the other thing - widescreen laptops - I cant beleive we can no longer by regular ratio - its horrible for graphics work or reading websites ... completely impractical.

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Re: Battery life for x300

i get anywhere from 4.5 to 5.25 hours with the 3-cell main + 3-cell bay battery on my X300 under server 2008.   it's enough for a cross-country flight.

andrew, regarding your comment on processor speed, i didn't find the 2.4GHz C2D T7700 processor in my former T61p to be much faster than the 2.1GHz PM 775 processor in my former T42p.   i'm glad that the X300 holds its own against faster processors as it allows me to use all of my apps while traveling without having to feel limited by my equipment.   also, if you went from XP on the T42 to vista on the X300 then this will change the experience.   vista can feel slow if not optimized properly where XP and 2008 absolutely fly on the X300.

in my own tests i've found that the X300's SSD is about 30% faster than a 200GB hitachi 7K100 on average.   of course, everything will depend on what you're doing and the OS you're using.

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Battery life for x300

Well, just for the sake of participating on this thread, I'm also a VERY disappointed X300 user in regard of battery life. I got only the default 3-cell battery which remains for 3 hours, 3h30 at most, with that nonsense battery-stretch option. I'm buying the 6-cell battery right now, but what pisses me off is the lack of an optional 128 GB SSD for the X300. At least in my country.
Token Ring
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Re: Battery life for x300

What really drains the battery in Vista is Windows Aero. Disable it and get more than half an hour of additional battery life for free.


Also disable that stupid superfetch service that re-caches your most used files into RAM whenever you boot or resume from disk. You should disable scheduled defrag as well (it is enabled WEEKLY by default, what a nonsense).


Lenovo has a HUGE bug when it comes to USB. Whenever you enable USB (Internal Bluetooth or WWAN use USB as well!),your X300 drains a LOT more power and gets hot. Disable both and don' t use any USB devices while on battery to get a long runtime.

Message Edited by VPN-User on 04-23-2009 01:04 PM
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Battery life for x300

Thanks for the USB tip. What is the easiest way to enable/disable USB?


Also, I need to buy a new 6 cell battery and I am having a devil of a time of it. I can't seem to buy one from the French Lenovo website. And their recommended vendors don't have this battery and/or don't accept Amex. Nor do they respond to emails. The UK website has good prices, but can't seem to handle my French Visa credit card, and they don't accept Amex. Should it be so difficult to buy a battery from Lenovo?


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