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Blue Screen Again
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Battery life time on X1 Yoga or X1 4th Gen



Lenovo claims the X1 (4th gen) or X1 Yoga can last 11 hours on battery. Great numbers but I guess nobody experienced it.

The best I can get is a top 5 hours making sure that the system is on power save mode and about 6 hours when the Battery saver is enabled on Windows 10. I had to install a program to switch to save mode every time the laptop is running on battery. If not I forget to switch to Power Save mode and the battery only last 2 hours. I also pay attention to background program that may eat CPU.

Honestly, 6 hours of battery life is pretty good but not even close the 11 hours claimed by Lenovo. The new X1 will have 16 hours of battery life, it means 8 hours in reality.

Here are my questions.

How many hours do you get on your X1 4gen or X1 Yoga?

What did you do to improve it?

Any secret recipe?

Paper Tape
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Re: Battery life time on X1 Yoga or X1 4th Gen

Great question to post. I was hoping I could find a group of people discussing this online. You are 100% right, the 11hrs is complete BS, and honestly I think it should be viewed as false advertisement. Now, I love the Lenovo X1 design, but I just can't stand that I can barely get 5-6hrs out of it when all I'm doing is browsing the web on Chrome. I type this right now on my 2012 Macbook Pro 15" retina, which I have been using every day for the past several years off and on battery. I get usually 5-6 hours out of the battery. Now, I guess that's to be expected, seeing that it's a 5 year old battery and only holds about 83% of battery charge by now. 


Lenovo's claim is a complete joke, I have no idea how they are getting 11hrs, are they counting a test where they just boot into the bios and let it run with the screen off?!?!? I even had my laptop sent in to have the battery checked due to only getting like 4-5 hrs when doing basic tasks like 90% web browsing and 10% editing a word or excel doc. What else do we use a computer for these days? 90% of it takes place on the internet with servers doing most of the work. Anyway, they returned the laptop saying that there was no problem with the battery. I even wasted my time doing a battery drain test to see if it would fix the problem, no change. 


So all in all, the 11hrs is BS and just causes customers to be unsatistified with the product they purchased, or waste time troubleshooting it to just find out "apparently" nothing is wrong (well except for Lenovo lying that it runs for 11hrs). Honestly, they would be better off to just state that the laptop will lasts 5-6 hrs on normal everyday use, and 11hrs on some extreme exceptional cases. I would still like to know what those are though. 


Anyone else even getting close to 8hrs?!?! Please let us know what you are doing, as I would love to get this kind of battery life out of the device. thanks!

Punch Card
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Re: Battery life time on X1 Yoga or X1 4th Gen

I'm very happy someone open this discussion, honestly, myself being a power user, I was always thinking that my worload was so BIG that was different from everyone else's.


I mean, I have the exact same battery life, 5 hours if I'm lucky, I just don't understand where they get those 11hrs, even with battery save on.


I had to create a power profile where I limit power to 30% when I'm on battery so I can squeeze a little more, but c'mon, when we pay what we have paid for this device it's not right.


Do you guys found any workarounds? I tried to switch on battery stretch from lenovo settings but the laptop hangs and becomes so slow that is impossible to work.. I mean, even that is a joke, why they put a battery stretch function that doesn't allow you to do anything?





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Re: Battery life time on X1 Yoga or X1 4th Gen

Hi all,


I'm curious: does your battery run-time "gas gauge" in the tool tray indicate the run-time you actually get, or is it overly optimistic?


I ask because my X1Y generally shows 7-10 hours of estimated run-time in my normal use case.  (FF, windows explorer, and a text editor open, indoor brightness).


I haven't had a situation where I could use the laptop long enough to find out what the actual run-time was.  I'll try to set that up some time and see what happens.


Just asking out of personal curiousity, not speaking for Lenovo,


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What's DOS?
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Re: Battery life time on X1 Yoga or X1 4th Gen

I just bought the X1 Yoga and have the exact same issue - how disappointing!


I found this article showing benchmark testing of different laptop models, including both the OLED and LCD versions of the X1.  Looks like the OLED has a significantly shorter battery life than the LCD version, which is really unfortunate.  I also tried spec'ing an X1 Yoga on Lenovo's website and the OLED screen option no longer exists.  Maybe this short battery life issue is part of the reason. 


Can we get a refund or a battery upgrade (?) for the product not working as advertised?  Or are there any magic apps out there that tremendously improve battery life?  Thanks for the help.



Paper Tape
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Re: Battery life time on X1 Yoga or X1 4th Gen

Every manufacturer inflates their battery stats by using settings and circumstances that most users won't be in the real world (10% screen brightness, etc.), and most of the review websites either take them at their word without doing any actual testing, or they run out of date tests that don't really mimic real world performance.

The real truth is, how much battery life you get depends on your system settings and what you are doing. And since everyone's habits and tasks are different, results can vary widely. and a few other review sites that actually test products (rather than simply re-writing the manufacturers ad copy for them like some do) run a test called "Wifi v1.3" which runs a browser script that cycles through webpages, and which I find actually does do a pretty good job of mimicking how an "average" user might do on battery life.

On my Carbon X1 4th gen, i find my results are pretty much in line with what they get, providing I follow the tips below: ~7hrs.

Running your screen on full brightness is one common culprit (I find 60% is usually fine in most lighting, unless I'm in direct daylight).

Things syncing or running on the background take a big bite too, so turn off unnecessary crap in your startup items. All those little icons on the lower right of your screen and sucking your battery dry, and most of them are useless.

And cleanup your browser tabs. Webpages running flash or html5, etc, in the background will hit your battery hard. So if you have 100 chrome tabs open (and I know a lot of people who actually do) expect to be reaching for your power adapter soon.

Paper Tape
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Re: Battery life time on X1 Yoga or X1 4th Gen

The 2012 macbook Pro retina used a 95watt/hour battery. That's almost double the battery size in the 4th gen carbon/yoga x1, and the MBP is thicker and almost twice as heavy.
Token Ring
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Re: Battery life time on X1 Yoga or X1 4th Gen

I would also check battery wear level - mine lost 25% in over 6 months (posted a thread here) and managed to get Lenovo to change it. Just in case the reduced run-times are due to excessive wear for whatever reason. Replacement battery is OK so far.


The batteries of our 3rd and 2nd gen X-Series have better wear level though much older. Run-times are still very good for their age.


Using various utilities to check current battery consumption and CPU package power at idle should allow you to find out what consumes the power and how to reduce it. Not forgetting a Windows energy report again to find out if any drivers are causing high power consumption at idle.

What's DOS?
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Re: Battery life time on X1 Yoga or X1 4th Gen



I purchased Lenovo X1 yoga 1 week back. I have tested the battery for 1 week in the office and home from 9am-7pm. It works fine. I use internet (you tube included), do some programming for 2-3 hrs and from 5pm play counter strike for 1 hr. The crux is one can get a longer battery life with a book reading mode. It reduces the blue light and hence the brightness and moreover it is comfortable for the eyes. For the moment this method works for me. 



What's DOS?
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Re: Battery life time on X1 Yoga or X1 4th Gen

It's reassuring on the one hand (the problem isn't mine along) and disappointing on the other (the problem is in the machine) to learn that others have the same. My old *non*-OLED Yoga would give me easily 6 hours with screen brightness down. I was very excited at the prospect of an advertised 11 hours. The new X1 Yoga OLED gives me not much more than 3 hours, using only Word and with the screen uncomfortably dim. 'False advertising' is an accurate description. I would urge any buyer to avoid the OLED, and wish I hadn't gone for it.

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